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brown bear rescue

the text is in Spanish, however the adventure is from an US brown bear. Through the series of six pictures anyone can understand it (I believe). The serie talks about a difficult rescue of a brown bear who got stock through a bridge .

I found it cute, but also I identify with it. In this XXI century, oh my!!! you get lost with so much technology and information !!! What it is “natural” turns to be just a passing oasis though our path. Yes, confusing for anyone, I would say. We need help to get ourselves rescue and sometimes just by putting us to sleep we can comeback to our own feet again.

nature and humans

this section is not directly related to my research, I am not referring to games neither toys nor personal reflection on the matter. However, it can be an inspirational source of ideas, but overall, to offer respect of our planet.

In addition, I can’t stop to get amazed each time I read something related to nature and humans. We do not live in the vacuum !!!! 🙂 (or just between cables, concrete and other humans)

I start this new section, presenting the deceased Alex. A 31 year old African gray parrot that pass away last week, but it seems it would have been quite interesting to meet him. According to the media, he had an “equivalent” brain of a five years old child. Never heard before of brain research on birds.

If animals would talk to us in a way we understand them, I wondering what they will tell us!

New ways to play with your pet….

For sure technology can go far. Actually I have no idea how far it can go, or which science fiction book will be the life setting for the future generations of my species.

But at some moments, I really wonder: shall we, human beings, should have some kind of “fix” limits?. Our imagination and creativity, either in a positive or negative direction, but for sure pushes those limits further and further away from our “natural” nature and environment. Or, are we just running in circles?! sometimes I could wonder as well if we really know what are we looking for?

No idea about all this, or thinking all the time about it.

This is a new and/or controversial futuristic way to play VR Games Pit Pets Against Owners . Create yourself, your own opinion about it!