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nordic game summit

Week 41
Joensuu, Finland

In Sept 27 and 28 I was in Kajaani for the Nordic Games Summit.

Perhaps Kajaani is a small city. Remember everything is relative 🙂 .  Maybe the submit was “small” but unquestionably in Kajaani they are doing big things.

The event had three tracks on the 28th. Somehow, I dislike to do not be able to clone myself so that I can be in all the talks I want to be. Fortunately, I was with Mikko and we split efforts. From the sessions I was present, I like most of them 😉

Also I must confess I particularly like some rooms from the school. It reminded me a modern version of the type of lecture room I had in Offenburg, Germany.

entrance to lecture room

entrance to lecture room

I like the arrangement that there was doors downstairs and upstairs, and the chairs were really at different levels as a theatre. But what I like the most of this room was the mix of new and old technologies, e.g. beamer and blackboard, white board and paper. Nice!

lecture room

lecture room

It was surprising to notice that some other people is using HYPER in the game arena besides Hypercontextualized Games 😉

Hyper competition

Hyper competition

During this submit, I had the opportunity to re-connect with some people whom I met when I started my PhD. It is until now when we see again. That is a small world! 🙂  and ages of time between events! 😉

Also I was lucky to meet interesting people for first time. For example: from industry I met representatives from Wooga, a firm that I have the impression will be interesting to follow.  From academia I met Kajaani game development lab’s  team who are utilizing and investigating with eye tracking on drive simulations. Very interesting and inspiring is their work! 😉  It also reminds me a lot to research that is being conducted at the Graduate School of Education in Bristol.

Before this opportunity, my knowledge about eye-tracking was limited to stand alone computers (tobii) which the research group of interactive technologies have been using. Now was the first time, for me, to see a  portable and practical eye tracking device. Powerful gadgets I would say 🙂

eye tracking cameras

eye tracking cameras


Summarizing,  I like this type of events that help us to connect ideas and knowledge,  and when they are small, somehow, they are cozier.

games updates from east

It has been long without posting, but soon I will write about my research. Meanwhile some updates (it is important to keep ourselves update on what is it happening in our world.Â

My personal opinion on this is a clear division of tactics in reaching the market between Nintendo and Sony. One is more focus in the game play while the other is in interested in the integration of high end video visual technology.Nevertheless making use the capitalism system advantages with a no monopoly, let’s see how these companies will improve themselves to convince the market  🙂

Also from a global capitalist perspective, but from another point of view, for those who are into game research or with interest of the topic I recommend the article from Larissa Hjorth from RMIT University / Yonsei University.  About “Games @ NeotRegionalism: Locating Gaming in the Asia Pacific” Good food for the though! .

From all these, even that excites me the news and I enjoy the topic, deep inside I wonder: when other areas of our globe will be able to put their own presence in digital gaming too?!  – I know there are a lot of socio-economical factors on this, but still, the wish is there.

east or west…

as we know there is “trend” of a convergence to have everything in one device.

Right now I am kind of divided myself between Nintendo and Apple mainly. I know there are more players on the field, but loyalty has a price 😛 and those are the ones I know the best right now. Nokia is making its path through my heart, but still is work in process. Anyway, right now I am a complete observer and let’s see the philosophy and creativity of each company.

If you think they are not comparable, well, right now in Japan, for example the Nintendo DS, just need to be a phone, because it can be used to watch TV (digital TV),  listen music, surf the internet, listen music and of course play.  From a bigger console perspective, Nintendo has the leadership of the game market .

Now, Apple is trying to converge as well everything except in games, to my surprise, is quite behind I would say. However here are some attempts in that direction.

Let’s see what it will happen!