Curriculum Vitae

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Brief summary of my formal activities:
  • Education:
  • 3. PhD in Educational Technologies. Main focus Serious Games. University of Joensuu, Finland.
    2. Master in Communication and Media Engineering. University of Offenburg, Germany.
    1. Bachelors in Electronic Engineering and Communication Systems. University Iberoamericana, Mexico.

  • Work Experience:
  • In resolving problems and seek for opportunities in different contexts and environments. This includes to coordinate and manage the actual resources.

    Different contexts involved: Museos (Lieksa and Helsinki),  science festival, laboratory of multimedia integration, Siemens Microelectronics-Infineon, USAID systems department, entrepreneiur, etc…

  • Skills:
  • Multidisciplinary, acquired in different cultures and in different levels.

    …what can we do with technology, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible? and enjoy and grow while using it!