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ace attorney

Week 5, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

From my perspective, the motion picture industry has a presence in USA. For example, usually WaltDisney  or Hollywood produce a movie and later launch a game related to the specific movie.

Japan creates games, which are fantastic without a need to produce a film. One of those games is Ace Attorney. I should confess that this particular game has influenced me in the game designs I have been involved.

Now, for me, an interesting fact was to discover that Japan is producing a movie of this game, ace attorney. Hmmm….  Wondering about watching a film from my game, with live action, with actors, instead of anime or a manga. Interesting…..

Some years ago, when I was newer in the world of research and posting,  I posted about west-east trends as in this link in January 2008 and  this link in May 2008. But I never suspect the trends to go in this direction. I enjoy to be surprised!

For sure I want to watch the movie!

east or west (2) ….

just three days after my previous post and, in this race our participants start to move. 🙂 This topic is just facinating.

From china, handheld nintendo emulator goes solar. And as this person mentioned, the solar cell idea is brilliant!

On the other hand in the following video shows the first trials for coding native SNES emulator on iPhone

Nevertheless, as good technology agonisc I suggest it will be good to test any of those first before believing 😉 But without a doubt excites me this topic and the race will be interesting 🙂 . Then, just let ourselves surprise what it will happen next ….

east or west…

as we know there is “trend” of a convergence to have everything in one device.

Right now I am kind of divided myself between Nintendo and Apple mainly. I know there are more players on the field, but loyalty has a price 😛 and those are the ones I know the best right now. Nokia is making its path through my heart, but still is work in process. Anyway, right now I am a complete observer and let’s see the philosophy and creativity of each company.

If you think they are not comparable, well, right now in Japan, for example the Nintendo DS, just need to be a phone, because it can be used to watch TV (digital TV),  listen music, surf the internet, listen music and of course play.  From a bigger console perspective, Nintendo has the leadership of the game market .

Now, Apple is trying to converge as well everything except in games, to my surprise, is quite behind I would say. However here are some attempts in that direction.

Let’s see what it will happen!

PS3 and Wii

My common sense finds surprises all the time. Just recently was the launch for Play Station 3 and Wii, with impatient shoppers as you can observe in the following pictures:

Japan waiting the launch of PS3
LA and NY the launch of Wii.

However, even that it was known that some of those individuals, which were waiting for a couple of days on the streets to get the product, would re-sale it later on. At least me, I didn’t have the slide idea of the size of the business. I mean to pay 9000 US for something that cost 600 US , let me speechless. Read the whole note here.