getting serious at work chapter I – references.

Two basic pre-conditions are needed if one wants to be a researcher:


a)     To read, read, read…..

This point does not need explanation, just one MUST read A LOT and CONSTANTLY.


b)    Have a bibliographic management software.

 RefWorks has been my election for some time. But there is always a “but” each time I need to use it for my writing. My poor references are always a mess and for that a headache. 


Some days ago I read about zotero. Now it seems some hope exists for my reference mess. (it is needed A LOT of time in order to put this boat in good condition).


Anyway,  each person is a world, then each one will take its own decision about the support for their references. Zotero is just an option, which I recommend to put an eye on it!


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