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things to remember: work – love – play

week 6 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

In this week, my main activity was writing, writing…. more writing. Afterward a little bit of reading to be able to think then I can continue  writing.

Also I prepared myself, some how, for the very busy following weeks.

My outstanding activity on this week was: I bake a delicious cake for a birthday party. I rarely bake cakes since I am in Finland. I mainly “survive” in the kitchen. In addition, an important event of this week was that my dad made it to his birthday 🙂

Hence, this week reminded me that even that I am passionate with what I do, there are other very important things that I also love to do which I have to find time for. To have a balance life. I need to play more !!!. Regarding a balance life, the best talk related to it is from Doris Kearns Goodwin on learning from past presidents please enjoy it:

chocolate VS bombs

week 5 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

Through my FB, I was shared a video of coca-cola, which I think is very good. The end, is not my maximum, but I understand they needed to announce their product.

I found the commercial with English subtitles. I am glad! Thus, I can share it with a bigger audience in here. From my perspective the commercial is very creative and positive. It encloses also a truth, “You only see what people want you to see”, there are so many ways to see, it is up to us to discover how we want to see…

My favorite statement is the comparison of moms making chocolate cakes VS scientific people creating bombs. So coooool!!!!  and based on a POSITIVE true!!!

The commercial with the song’s lyrics in English and Spanish, and without the English subtitles of the main message, can be found in here. Just be sure that the CC is activated, otherwise the lyrics do not appear.

Finally, well done Argentina, where the commercial was conceptualized!

PS. I really enjoy the creativity in commercials.

how much does your soul cost?

It is not a joke or matter of moral values. But through several events I had lived in my relative short life, it made me realized the ubiquitous and high level of prostitution we live in. It is not matter if the person is good or bad. It is matter of the price our soul costs when you decide to sell it.

In a western society, everything seems to have a cost-benefit. Honestly, at moments I feel there it is not scape from this game. It is so depressing!!! Human beings are increasing on fear to survive, in fear to assure to have enough, until they are burn out. A fear induced by a system we have self-created.

Shame of us! and what a waste of life.

At the end of the day, we will die (because we all will) and we will not take anything with us. At our deathbed the only memories that will matter are: how many smiles we share and we lived, how many hugs, how many sun shines, how many thanks, the memories of the people we helped and who helped us, how much life we lived and conquer, and how much life we waste for selling our soul.

I wish we could change this system; I wish each human could find her/his passion. But for changing and for finding a passion, one has to get to know oneself, and few people (apparently) is willing to pay the price. That is a personal decision. — I took my decision long ago. My mind has to be harmonized with what I feel and do. Otherwise, I do not function, but still I need to learn A LOT. Anyway, let’s see how this life – game evolves.

The next video I love it; it gives me hope that not everybody sells her/his soul

dreams come true: never let go!

Before I went to Africa I saw two videos from TED (I am a BIG fan of TED), which have a special influence in my process towards Iringa. Actually they re-enforce some of my inner energy, I admit.

One of those videos is this one: “William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind”

He shows the clear relationship between “want to do it” and “can do it”. Believe in one-self and persistence are KEY elements in any success.

Also it gives me the reminder of the importance of print material, clear diagrams and figures can transcend culture and time.

Let you enjoy the video.

each day can be a celebration day – it is up to us

Hmmm…. for me “New Years” is like the earth’s birthday. Humans made it up, as we have no idea when our planet born but anyway humans celebrate together this day. Most of the people in this season are happy and with good energy, however it is possible to find depression too, which is understandable. However, what it is common and easy to see in this period is: the reflection of  what people did on the year that is finalizing and thinking in their personal wishes and/or new intentions for next one. Example of this is at the beginning of each year exponential amount of promises about: lose weight, finalizing things, do sports, etc. are present.

My “New Years Celebration” or my way to celebrate our planet’s birthday, as many cultural things and events  has been mutating. This is understandable as I am moving around in our western hemisphere, adapting and merging with different special persons and traditions, then for me it is not a unique way to celebrate and I enjoy a moment.  But this “New Years”, as in my 2009 birthday (yes I am THAT old 😉  ) had not a visible party, and still it offered me a magical moment of existence. Writing about this makes me remember about the book of Marlo Morgan, “Las voces del desierto“, highly recommended.

In brief, few hours after I reached Joensuu on  Dec. 31st I hurt my eye with my contact lenses. Oh man!!!! It hurts!!!  On the 010110 = the first day of 2010, I went to the hospital. Thanks to the life was nothing serious just a small “erosion” or scratch in my eye due to my lack of care. Gina was taking care of me, from the distance, and actually she sent me to the hospital since the 31st. I was stubborn to do not go, but I paid my dues for that decision.

The right eye is healthy but connected to the sick one, thus the perception of any light was VERY painful, even to look the hour on my phone was a challenge.  Any movement of the eye hurt.  As a result my both eyes must keep closed and still. I realize how dependant I am of my eyes.

In this process I was able to listen more carefully.  That was interesting, rich and enjoyable. I knew my eyes will be back, and I truly trust in Mikko who took me to the hospital, therefore I had no worry  just experiencing my “sick” state and focusing in recovering ASAP! .

Then, my “New Years” was not a noisily party, instead it was a  discovery-celebration of all what I have.  We live in a magical planet that we do not observe and less listen to, very sad indeed. And I am blessed to have my wonderful chassis 😉  I will not win a beauty contest, which it is fine with me as long as  I am healthy, complete and my body cope with my exploring craziness. I am blessed 😉

Without a doubt, I can celebrate every single day! 😉 and I think all of us could! 🙂

calm full of life