how much does your soul cost?

It is not a joke or matter of moral values. But through several events I had lived in my relative short life, it made me realized the ubiquitous and high level of prostitution we live in. It is not matter if the person is good or bad. It is matter of the price our soul costs when you decide to sell it.

In a western society, everything seems to have a cost-benefit. Honestly, at moments I feel there it is not scape from this game. It is so depressing!!! Human beings are increasing on fear to survive, in fear to assure to have enough, until they are burn out. A fear induced by a system we have self-created.

Shame of us! and what a waste of life.

At the end of the day, we will die (because we all will) and we will not take anything with us. At our deathbed the only memories that will matter are: how many smiles we share and we lived, how many hugs, how many sun shines, how many thanks, the memories of the people we helped and who helped us, how much life we lived and conquer, and how much life we waste for selling our soul.

I wish we could change this system; I wish each human could find her/his passion. But for changing and for finding a passion, one has to get to know oneself, and few people (apparently) is willing to pay the price. That is a personal decision. — I took my decision long ago. My mind has to be harmonized with what I feel and do. Otherwise, I do not function, but still I need to learn A LOT. Anyway, let’s see how this life – game evolves.

The next video I love it; it gives me hope that not everybody sells her/his soul

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