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what is “real” life? – just another game.

Fascinating books are into game research. And right now I am confused what do we call “real life?” .

Yes, I admit it, I am questioning everything now a days?!

But if I try to be objective, what for me might be real life  e.g. immerse myself in the world of knowledge, for others might be a waste of time. For them I should get a “real” job. Hmmmm…. right?!   Everything is RELATIVE in life.


I understand clearly that there are basic “real” facts in life, as:  the need to breath, eat, sleep (etc.) all those “physiological” needs that Maslow describes in his “hierarchy of needs” , those can be seen as “universal”. I should add that I see that physiological layer of needs to belong to any animal form.


Anyway, if we go up into the pyramid, it starts to get blurry the relevance of the elements according each individual. Because it involves “needs” that had been created by humans, perhaps produced by societies and that have relative different importance for each individual. Or the priority level of the other natural needs might change from human to human. Yes, others might tell you what things are good for you and how they should work according to the rules of our “real” life game.


Our lives are regulated by social rules with specific goals, isn’t it a game in itself?!  The only main difference is: did someone ask us if we wanted to play it?! .  But do not be in panic, there are options, societies might have different types of games according of which cultures we are talking about 😉 then it is possible to change of game or of variants of such game if we put enough effort on it.


Well, all this babbling is to wonder: what is “real” life?. And I see more of a signs of “real” life in the first years of life of any human, than in any social, cultural, philosophical, religious, or  technological doctrine.


I am saying this because I learn from children A LOT.  Every single moment I am with a child I learn. Now I wonder,  if  their ability to discover, live the moment by transform it freely in their inner while seeking their own harmony, are those the elements that constitute “real” life? Do adults have those elements? when did we lose them?


One can say: children are “learning” from adults. Hmmmm….. but what are we teaching them?! Are we preparing them to “succeed” in the “real” life? but again, what is “rea”l life?!


Something goes beyond my understanding in this topic.


I just can say:  for me, it seems that what we call “real” life is just another game from which it is not so simple to say:  “I am not playing anymore”.

user centered vs user experience

ALARM! Another confusion on board!!!

I think it is not the same to talk about user centered than user experience.

Several papers related to computer science are highlighting that their focus is to enhance the user experience. Excuse me?, how do they measure and validate that the experience is enhanced with their intervention? (haven’t seen/read measurements and less validations of their intervention on the experience of the users)

In parallel, game studies is putting a lot of effort on the understanding of the game experience. However, on this field it is possible to observed long ethnographies (in case of virtual worlds) or the use of psychological methodologies for specific purposes.

Perhaps one can assume, due to the fact that “x” is developed using a user-centered approach, the experience will be enhanced using ex. But isn’t is a dangerous generalization?, because which experience is enhanced? (positive or negative experience), diminish frustration, increase enjoyment, inspirational, etc. And even those elements should be clearly define first.

To be direct: according to whom, which experience is enhanced, how is it enhanced, under which specific context and using what?.

Maybe I am getting picky, I am confusing myself easily, or complicating myself. :/

But clear thinking, it is not easy!

educational technology, technology education, instructional technology?

Interesting! right now I face myself with an new lack of focus and/or understanding. If the title of my blog is so clear: what am I doing?.

Anyway, let me state the question to the public. Is it correct that the primarily focus and/or objectivge of our EdTech group is the option A?. Being the other options also present but secondary objectives. Am I correct or am I missleading myself in here?

A) We are enhancing the teaching and learning process focusing on the craft or the art of using technology. (Educational technology )

B) We are focus on technological literacy for everyone. (Technology education)

C) We are doing instructional technology. Which might be similar as Educational technology but as difference of it, it stresses more the “scientific and systems approach of instructional problem solving”.

Clear thinking is just a mess.

Once a read that math teachers can’t teach math properly, because themselves can’t understand it. But at this point, I start to believe this phenomena is not exclusive of math.

facilitate learning?

I do not consider myself, still, at any moment any language fascist. However, I can realized how my affinity to those language fascist speaking supporters increases.

In just some minutes trying to read the procedures of WMUTE , I realized the use of the terms are ambiguous. Specially the magic word “FRAMEWORK”. Maybe I had pushed myself to much with lectures in cultural and media studies. For them the proper use of TERMS is fundamental. Well their lectures had generated gray hair while trying to understand, for me, this new way of thinking. The challenge increases when I have to express myself, because clarity in thoughts and concepts are important, and I am just building them.

Nevertheless, knowing that I am not an exemplar of the correct use of language in ANYWAY, I admit I am trying to learn it. Not only as a personal challenge, also on account of realizing the importance of it for clear communication and thinking.

But oh gosh!!!! the actual type of lectures do not really facilitate my learning process and understanding. Or maybe it does, while showing me clearly how important is to improve on proper and fundamented use of terms.

common sense

I was listening to Puissance , and their song: “Release the world” makes me to think. Ok, the music in this track is not my best shot, but the way in which they talk about common sense it makes it worth to listen.

This remains me how are the advances of “Common Sense, Inc.” . After read this lyrics I realized it will be quite interesting to see how the company will target its goal and of course which one it will be.