what is “real” life? – just another game.

Fascinating books are into game research. And right now I am confused what do we call “real life?” .

Yes, I admit it, I am questioning everything now a days?!

But if I try to be objective, what for me might be real life  e.g. immerse myself in the world of knowledge, for others might be a waste of time. For them I should get a “real” job. Hmmmm…. right?!   Everything is RELATIVE in life.


I understand clearly that there are basic “real” facts in life, as:  the need to breath, eat, sleep (etc.) all those “physiological” needs that Maslow describes in his “hierarchy of needs” , those can be seen as “universal”. I should add that I see that physiological layer of needs to belong to any animal form.


Anyway, if we go up into the pyramid, it starts to get blurry the relevance of the elements according each individual. Because it involves “needs” that had been created by humans, perhaps produced by societies and that have relative different importance for each individual. Or the priority level of the other natural needs might change from human to human. Yes, others might tell you what things are good for you and how they should work according to the rules of our “real” life game.


Our lives are regulated by social rules with specific goals, isn’t it a game in itself?!  The only main difference is: did someone ask us if we wanted to play it?! .  But do not be in panic, there are options, societies might have different types of games according of which cultures we are talking about 😉 then it is possible to change of game or of variants of such game if we put enough effort on it.


Well, all this babbling is to wonder: what is “real” life?. And I see more of a signs of “real” life in the first years of life of any human, than in any social, cultural, philosophical, religious, or  technological doctrine.


I am saying this because I learn from children A LOT.  Every single moment I am with a child I learn. Now I wonder,  if  their ability to discover, live the moment by transform it freely in their inner while seeking their own harmony, are those the elements that constitute “real” life? Do adults have those elements? when did we lose them?


One can say: children are “learning” from adults. Hmmmm….. but what are we teaching them?! Are we preparing them to “succeed” in the “real” life? but again, what is “rea”l life?!


Something goes beyond my understanding in this topic.


I just can say:  for me, it seems that what we call “real” life is just another game from which it is not so simple to say:  “I am not playing anymore”.

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