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Pomponrahka and Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest

Week 4, 2020
Turku, Finland

Here, in Southwest Finland the weather is like spring,  even though it should be a freezing cold winter. I will not write about my personal concern, or share evidence, related to how quickly the weather is changing. The purpose of this post is to build a nano lesson #001 of discovering the region where I am living currently.

Close to Turku airport there is a walking path named  Pomponrahka.  I didn’t know anything about this path until I writing this post. Now I discover that this area is home for approximately one third of the spiders’ species in Finland. I confess while I was walking there, I didn’t see one spider, but I was not looking for them either.

This is a short trail (approx. 2km),  next to Turku airport.  Despite being an interesting trail, for my surprise and in my personal opinion, the trail is “loud”.   I mention this because one can constantly hear  traffic from the “near” roads. Despite this, it is a nice trail to walk. I personally like the swamp area, where one has the possibility to sit and admire the landscape. I took a photo of this particular spot, but the photo is not good.  Next time I will improve this shot.

The trail is easy to walk, it is almost flat with few location where one has to “climb” slightly.

After the walk, we drove to see a  “glacial erratic”  (siirtolohkare) rock close by: Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest.  This rock has a legend, which we should translate carefully as at the moment makes no sense if one uses only google translator.

I need to reflect upon this Sunday walk, and consider it as lesson #001 because I didn’t know anything about the importance of the trail neither about “glacial erratic” rocks.  All what one can learn, while being  on the road.

6 sightseeings in Koli

Week 31
Joensuu, Finland

At the moment I have one student visiting us from the Netherlands. Additionally, we have another student visiting the department from Korea. If one lives in Joensuu, I consider important to visit Koli at least once. Then, I propose to our guests to go to Koli last Saturday.

Our party was of five, each one from a different country (Netherlands, Korea, Iran, Finland and Mexico). We were 3 ladies, 2 gentlemen and one of us is visual impair. We had really a blast and we were blessed with the weather.  Here a glimpse of the places we visited:

1. First mandatory stop is Ukko-Koli

If one drives directly from Joensuu to Koli to stop firstly here at Ukko-koli has different advantages:

  • The view there is outstanding and one can start to get familiar with the scenary
  • One finds the a Koli Nature Centre Ukko
  • One can get into the Sokos hotel.

So if someone has the need to eat,  buy a souvenir or go to the restroom all it is possible to do it here, before continue the adventure 🙂

View from Ukko-Koli

View from Ukko-Koli

2. Hiking downhil towards Saama harbor

Next we hiked downhill until reach Saama harbor. During our hike it rained but only a little bit, it did not affect us. After a nice walk, we reached Saama harbor, where we ate salad and meat soup. As always when one eats in the country side, the meals are just tasty.

Saama, place where we ate

Saama harbor, place where we ate

The nice landscape helped us also to recharge.

Saama's view

Saama harbor’s view

3. Koli Village.

After recharged ourselves at the Saama harbor, we went to the Koli village. Often one drives through the village to reach Ukko-koli, but now we purposely stopped and walked through it. Unfortunately, we were late to visit the local museum, but we were able to ask in the tourist information about places to visit in the region. We were told of two new locations I wasn’t aware previously: Pirunkirkko and Rasävaara.

Sculputure in the entrance of one building in Koli Village

Sculputure in the entrance of one building in Koli Village


4. Pirunkirkko

We drove to Pirunkirkko. It took us a little bit of time to find it, as we were not 100% sure were it was, but we found the place relatively soon. Once we were in the parking area, everything was well signed. It is a nice walk.

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

The cave is not long and it has a dead end. It is an interesting cave to explore. Personally, I found it so authentic. We really have  A LOT of fun on this spot.  Some people of our group even found a “rabbit hole” where they tried to escape 🙂

Getting inside the cave

Getting inside the cave

In the cave

Inside the cave

We were really having a lot of fun.

5. Hattusaari

The next stop, based on an advice of Erkki – leader of the EdTech Research group – we went to Hattusaari. We actually aimed to drive to the end of the island, but it is a long one so we stop to enjoy the view at the bridge.

View at Hattusaari

View at Hattusaari

6. Rasävaara

The following stop was Rasävaara, time to go up to the new tower. The view is again magnificent, and now one can see also Ukko-koli from here. It is worth the hike to see the landscape!!!!

Rasävaara's tower

Rasävaara’s tower

Views from the top of the tower:

The lake

The lake



Before heading back to Joensuu, we stopped to meet the construction of the future cottage of Prof. Erkki Sutinen, which will be also the future writing-research retreat of EdTech.

Glimpse of future research retreat spot

Glimpse of future research retreat spot

After this stop, we drove back to Joensuu.

It was a full intensive day at Koli! and I must admit, we had  A LOT OF FUN!!!!!  Thank you to all the participants! 🙂

Below the location of the areas that we visited. The screenshots are taken from http://issuu.com/koli.fi/docs/retkeily_ja_palvelukartta

Location of the visited spots (1/2)

Location of the visited spots (1/2) – Screenshot from issuu.com


Location of the visited spots (2/2)

Location of the visited spots (2/2)  – screenshot from issuu.com