Pomponrahka and Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest

Week 4, 2020
Turku, Finland

Here, in Southwest Finland the weather is like spring,  even though it should be a freezing cold winter. I will not write about my personal concern, or share evidence, related to how quickly the weather is changing. The purpose of this post is to build a nano lesson #001 of discovering the region where I am living currently.

Close to Turku airport there is a walking path named  Pomponrahka.  I didn’t know anything about this path until I writing this post. Now I discover that this area is home for approximately one third of the spiders’ species in Finland. I confess while I was walking there, I didn’t see one spider, but I was not looking for them either.

This is a short trail (approx. 2km),  next to Turku airport.  Despite being an interesting trail, for my surprise and in my personal opinion, the trail is “loud”.   I mention this because one can constantly hear  traffic from the “near” roads. Despite this, it is a nice trail to walk. I personally like the swamp area, where one has the possibility to sit and admire the landscape. I took a photo of this particular spot, but the photo is not good.  Next time I will improve this shot.

The trail is easy to walk, it is almost flat with few location where one has to “climb” slightly.

After the walk, we drove to see a  “glacial erratic”  (siirtolohkare) rock close by: Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest.  This rock has a legend, which we should translate carefully as at the moment makes no sense if one uses only google translator.

I need to reflect upon this Sunday walk, and consider it as lesson #001 because I didn’t know anything about the importance of the trail neither about “glacial erratic” rocks.  All what one can learn, while being  on the road.