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Film review – The Never Ending Story

Week 11, 2015
Joensuu, Finland

Title: The NeverEnding story
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Year: 1984
Country: West Germany
IMDb: 7.4/10
Thesis: The power of the imagination
Watched on 13.3.2015

The first time I saw this movie, The Never Ending Story, was probably in 1984. I remember look at the film in a movie theater in its release in México City.  I recall, I just loved this film.  The movie truly touched me.

The narrative of  the Never Ending Story film is knitted upon two stories. One story focuses on the mythical land of Fantasia, which it is being destroyed by “the nothing”. The nothing is the consequence of people not using their fantasy any longer. Thus, the less humans use their fantasy the more Fantasia is destroyed by the nothing. Therefore Fantasia needs urgently a hero to safe this magical kingdom. The hero has to find, beyond the boundaries of Fantasia, a human child to safe Fantasia. 

The second story is in our “reality”. A boy named Basting is passing through a difficult period in his life. His mother just passed away, he is being bullied by some boys, he is not doing well at school and his imagination is his only scape from his reality. However, his father aims to bring him “back” to earth and insist to Basting to stop being in a fantasy world. After a conversation with his father about paying attention to real life, he was walking to school and start to be persecuted by some bullies. Basting hides from his bullies in a book store where the clerk introduced him to an “ancient story book” entitled Never Ending Story. He actually temps Basting to read the book. Finally, Basting “borrows” the book and reads it at his school’s attic. Once he started to read the book, he is drawn into the mythical land of Fantasia in which he is part of the story, he is the only one who can safe this mythical land.

The film knits these two stories: the one that belongs to the real life of Basting and the one belonging to Fantasia. The connection of these two stories is, in the film, through the imagination of Basting.

If one looks at the film with the eyes of someone who believes that one can actually change the fate of something the story connects with the viewer in a deep level. It gives you strength to believe, because the movie stresses the inner desire that individuals have to believe.

In its time, when I saw the film on the 80s, I sense the film so vivid. As I mentioned earlier, I just love it!

Looking the same film 30 years later, my memories prevail and got reinforce. I love the narrative of the film and it is one of my favorite movies. But as an adult, one perceives life differently than 30 years back. Perhaps my connection to the film nowadays is less emotional than the first time I saw in in the 80s being now more rational (how sad!).  After seen the film in 2015, I still like it and it still holds fond memories. The film moves  me, but I do not know if it is for the film or for my memories connected with the film.

Imagination and the capability to believe is something so important and difficult to keep.  Unquestionably, I must read the book which it is waiting for me. The reason of my less immersive experience might be in the technology.

Technologically talking, the film does not give me the impact as it did in the 80s. The technology is not impressive anymore. Well, in 30 years we had seen astonishing digital productions. What I found interesting, I am more impressed on the use of the camera and acting from some films of the 50s  (as the filmed I recently from Buñel, los olvidados) than the NeverEnding Story. How much the film message relies on the technology might deserve an analysis on its own. I skim through the review of  Tomas Caldwell related to the Never Ending Story and he also touches the technological aspect of the film.

Paradoxically, the reason why I came to see this movie again is because I need to gain inspiration on representations. Let me explain, we need to sketch destruction without weapons. Then I remember in this film Fantasia’s destruction was not through wars or weapons, instead it was though the “nothing”. Hence, I came to see  how the narrative was expressed visually within the movie. To see through my eyes again and not only through my memories.

I have fond memories and connection to the film from the 80s, which I cannot change. I wonder if the same connection would be made now if I was looking at the movie for first time. I do not know. However, from my personal point of view The Never Ending Story  is a film worth to watch, no for the “technology” (which for the 80s was very good) but to enjoy an expression of the power of the imagination within a film narrative. I beautiful story!

To finalize my post, a complete journey to the 80s with theme of the film by Limahl :

Also you can watch The NeverEnding Story film on line from ffilms.org address.



Week 1
München, Germany

On the second day of 2015, we had the opportunity to assist to a magic spectacle at Prinzregententheater entitled: Magic! Zauber der Illusion.

Waiting for the performance to start

Waiting for the performance to start


Some of the highlights are:

  • To see magic with a 6 years old child, it is a MAGICAL experience!
  • Illusionists are my favorites
  • Enjoy discovering new locations

The magicians were good. However I believe the work of  Xavier Mortimer  is the one I enjoyed the most. Look at his magic mirror:

Afterwards I read something about magicians, and I found fascinating that The Magic Circle  is a London based organization founded in 1905 to promote the advancement of magic. Wonder why I haven’t read about this in the game research literature…..

shooting sequel

My common sense can be losing direction, but there is something that confuses me. Some days ago in Germany, the Galleries Kaufhof announced a strategy to retire from their shelves the “killer games”(killerspiel) a.k.a. violent games. This is a response from the school shooting they had in early March (see my previous post)

The intention of the departmental store is respectable. However still I wonder, why don’t we educate people? and over all, why do not give time to listen to individuals? We need time, respect and love to evolve as humans. Wondering why is not possible to hear about laws or actions towards that direction? that is what confuses me.  I think this problem is deeper rooted than only ban a product genre, but where are those deeper actions?.

Each time I read the newspapers, my reaction is: we are in an URGENT NEED of  EDUCATION and COMPREHENSION. Or in other words, to have proper information first and then be able to digest it to finally develop an individual with common sense.

 Let me give a complete unrefined example, just an impulsive one. If a youngster in a “develop” country makes a school-shooting, then the video games are found potentially guilty of such event. If the school shooting is in a “conflict” country, the violent video games are not even in the picture. Well one can say there are other types of “violent” immersion.

 However, after any shooting event what it comes to the surface after the investigations is:  anger, frustration, depression…. Shooting seems to be the only way for the shooter to make things “change”.  Hence, my main question: why don’t we care about all these problems muuuuuuuuch earlier ?, not only wait for the problems to boil and then see the bullet.

Well everybody puts a small grain of sand each day, let’s see how the story continues….


comforting by a book *BIG HUG*



credit of image: http://www.thebookzombie.com/

violent video games

Even that I am not into first shooter games, I disagree and do not understand when people blame to the  “violent” video games the killing incidents carried on by youngsters. Since I remember, games of guns and knifes which objective is to kill the adversary  have existed. Those games are not new. Hence, wondering why each time a young kid shoots and kills humans (e.g. Finland, German, USA, etc.), the following comment never fails: “ban the violent video games“.


Why I never hear the following kind of comments:

a) It is needed that parents spend more time playing with their own kids instead to leave the responsibility to the digital technology to educate them.

b) Media stop transmitting those incredible amounts of yellow news. Acually I should take a record of the images that show:  dead, wars, hunger, organized crime, etc. If I recall properly, still some years ago you read about all these. Today you see the photos and videos of all those bodies. Who can live relax if constantly we are bombed with that information. Even the “scary” movies, constantly leave less things to the imagination.

c) Society, please race your voice of the good things that are happening around. There should be something !!!!


In each one of the cases the youngsters, as far as I have understood, who had committed such crimes, had communicated in some way their feelings of a world that has no sense anymore for them. Without a doubt THAT is something to put us to think and I would believe it goes beyond video games.



is this game allowed?

is this game allowed?



Credit of image: http://ciudadania-express.com/


if I had been understanding correctly, ancient cultures gain most of their wisdom by observing the nature, and allowing themselves to be merge with it. Now, our modern civilization follow other methods, frameworks and so on to gain knowledge.

On my side, as a good mestiza I can’t avoid to admire both ways of generate knowledge. Then here I share a couple of screen shots of “weather” observations.

The first picture is from January 7th of this year. Joensuu +2 (firs row, second purple bar from right to left). But I actually took this picture just to show that Mexico City had a lower temperature than Germany: Mexico City 9 °C while Offenburg +14 °C (first and second bars from left to right)

Now, just a month later on Feb. 7th, my attention goes to Joensuu, which is 33 degrees lower in its temperature. WOW! what a change!!!

And actually I have no much more reflection at this point, besides to be surprised and admire mother nature. Maybe it is “normal” , or as we all know this is consequence of a global warming, I do not know. However I hope all the birds who were confused around Noljaka can manage to survive this change. :/

This is January 7th, 2007:

Weather January 7, 2007

and this one February 7th, 2007:

Weather Feburary 7, 2007