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Week 37, 2019
Turku, Finland

On Augutst 24-31 of this year, I had the opportunity to participate in the Summer School of the UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites. The theme of this year was: LeVERAGE ICTs for Tourism. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism for preserving LiVing hERitAGE

It was interesting to be a participant of this Summer School series.  I only new this Summer School because I organized it last year here in Finland.

It was a rich experience to be a participant again. I think the last time I was a participant of a Summer School was 10 years ago. It was a rich and strange experience. All together.

Looking for a quote to reflect my feeling, I found this one:  “Who dares to Teach mus never cease to Learn” (by John Cotton Dana) .  Often we interpret this to keep ourselves actualizing, reading, thinking, reflecting. This is a complete truth. But it might also imply, to be a learner and have that role as well. To connect with other fellow learners independently where we are in our journey of discover. It is to go back to our return, and do not lose the ground.

It was fun to contribute in a team. Overall to see how the work of my team evolved from an idea to its complexion. See the talents of each team member, it was fascinating and a wonderful experience. To laugh, and work hard with that energy that only students have.

Perhaps I value this experience more today than earlier, because is not so often when I can say I am a full time student. Connect with others at different levels is part of the magic of life. On the other hand, I admit that each one of our life experiences and knowledge will always be with us, and therefore. Therefore, the connectivity and conversations with facilitators also increases as peers. To connect with others is a magical rainbow with some many tonalities.  I am thankful to be able to connect with my “gang” of Lugano ;- )

And luckily enough, our project might be pass over to the people of Münstair. That is awesome!

Here is the link of our website:

Here is the link to the story we made, very quickly there.


D18/001 Hochbunker

Week 1
München, Germany

My first discovery from 2018 was on a familiar path. That is proof that someone one walks without looking or paying attention where one is walking.  We were heading towards Olympia Park, through a familiar path, and I asked to D40Oom what was that:

What is the red building?

I have never paid attention to that round building before, so I was curious to know what is it.
The answer: It is a Hochbunker

Ooooooooh! A new thing for me.

I only have done a fast search on wikipedia about what is a “hochbunker”.  In English I only found hochbunker mention within the page of  “air raid shelter”. The first paragraph of the section related to hochbunker reads:

Hochbunker(s), or “high-rise” bunkers or (blockhouses), were a peculiarly German type of construction, designed to relieve the pressure German authorities were facing to accommodate additional numbers of the population in high-density housing areas, as well as pedestrians on the streets during air raids. In contrast to other shelters, these buildings were considered completely bomb-proof. They also had the advantage of being built upward, which was much cheaper than downward excavation. There were no equivalents of hochbunkers in the cities of the Allied countries.

Also I found a list of hochbunkers in Munich. The particular one on the photo is the one on:

Hochbunker Riesenfeldstraße
?48° 10? 35? ,11° 33? 56?

So, the new word and new concept that I learn today it was hidden in plain sight.

Why is it good to invest in quality – example with Finnair

Week 1, 2016
Joensuu, Finland

Often there is a tension between buying something cheap —   which often is low quality — versus by something with quality, which often is more expensive.  This post delivers an example that quality in a long run is cheaper.

I am a traveler addict. Thus, sometimes my love ones offer me presents to support me in my travels. An example, some years ago, my sister and brother in law gave me as a present a Samsonite suitcase. (THANK YOU!)

I am very pleased with Samsonite, in particular with my suitcase, because it been loyal to me. We have been together (my suitcase and I)  literally in 4 continents, and it has kept with me fully functional.

My loyal suitcase

My loyal suitcase

For this Christmas I flew from Joensuu to Munich, with Finnair, which is one of my favorite airlines. In this journey my lovely suitcase was damaged, and I reported the damage as soon as I saw the problem at the airport.  The personal at the airport was friendly and they indicated me what to do.  Within the instructions was to contact the company Dolfi. Perhaps because we were in Christmas holidays, but after being on the phone for 1hr and 30 min and not be able to talk with anyone I filled all the online form of their website and wait…. wait…. some days later I got an email that my stroller will be refund!… I kindly replied that I was reporting a damaged suitcase not a stroller, then it is when I discovered they were understaffed.

As my trip was reaching its end,  I decided to deal with this in Finland. I trust Finnair and I had the feeling that it should be ok. Then, I travel back to Joensuu with my loyal and wounded Samsung suitcase.

On Monday 2.1. at the evening, I landed in Joensuu and the first thing I did at the airport was to tell my story to the indicated person. Then I got the inciation to go to: “Nahkavalmiestemyynti

On Tuesday 3.1.  I went to Nahkavalmiestemyynti and they offered such a good service.  The personnel reviewed the suitcase and the documents. We saw how much could cost a new Samsonite, equivalent to mine in the store.  Then we followed the rules of the airline as depending of the age of the suitcase you get certain compensation.  My case was as follow: a brand new Samsonite as mine would cost 159€, but I was allow only to get 50% of it that is 79.50€.

My options, as far as I understood,  were:

  • Get the money
  • Buy something with the money given by Finnair
  • Buy something more expensive and complement the difference.

You will have to imagine which option I took, but now let me introduce you my new travel’s partner: Cavalet.

New travel partner

New travel partner

Thank you Finnair and Samsonite to support me on my journeys!  You have expanded the wonderful present of my sister and brother in law with your quality of service!



6 sightseeings in Koli

Week 31
Joensuu, Finland

At the moment I have one student visiting us from the Netherlands. Additionally, we have another student visiting the department from Korea. If one lives in Joensuu, I consider important to visit Koli at least once. Then, I propose to our guests to go to Koli last Saturday.

Our party was of five, each one from a different country (Netherlands, Korea, Iran, Finland and Mexico). We were 3 ladies, 2 gentlemen and one of us is visual impair. We had really a blast and we were blessed with the weather.  Here a glimpse of the places we visited:

1. First mandatory stop is Ukko-Koli

If one drives directly from Joensuu to Koli to stop firstly here at Ukko-koli has different advantages:

  • The view there is outstanding and one can start to get familiar with the scenary
  • One finds the a Koli Nature Centre Ukko
  • One can get into the Sokos hotel.

So if someone has the need to eat,  buy a souvenir or go to the restroom all it is possible to do it here, before continue the adventure 🙂

View from Ukko-Koli

View from Ukko-Koli

2. Hiking downhil towards Saama harbor

Next we hiked downhill until reach Saama harbor. During our hike it rained but only a little bit, it did not affect us. After a nice walk, we reached Saama harbor, where we ate salad and meat soup. As always when one eats in the country side, the meals are just tasty.

Saama, place where we ate

Saama harbor, place where we ate

The nice landscape helped us also to recharge.

Saama's view

Saama harbor’s view

3. Koli Village.

After recharged ourselves at the Saama harbor, we went to the Koli village. Often one drives through the village to reach Ukko-koli, but now we purposely stopped and walked through it. Unfortunately, we were late to visit the local museum, but we were able to ask in the tourist information about places to visit in the region. We were told of two new locations I wasn’t aware previously: Pirunkirkko and Rasävaara.

Sculputure in the entrance of one building in Koli Village

Sculputure in the entrance of one building in Koli Village


4. Pirunkirkko

We drove to Pirunkirkko. It took us a little bit of time to find it, as we were not 100% sure were it was, but we found the place relatively soon. Once we were in the parking area, everything was well signed. It is a nice walk.

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

Walking towards the cave, Pirunkirkko

The cave is not long and it has a dead end. It is an interesting cave to explore. Personally, I found it so authentic. We really have  A LOT of fun on this spot.  Some people of our group even found a “rabbit hole” where they tried to escape 🙂

Getting inside the cave

Getting inside the cave

In the cave

Inside the cave

We were really having a lot of fun.

5. Hattusaari

The next stop, based on an advice of Erkki – leader of the EdTech Research group – we went to Hattusaari. We actually aimed to drive to the end of the island, but it is a long one so we stop to enjoy the view at the bridge.

View at Hattusaari

View at Hattusaari

6. Rasävaara

The following stop was Rasävaara, time to go up to the new tower. The view is again magnificent, and now one can see also Ukko-koli from here. It is worth the hike to see the landscape!!!!

Rasävaara's tower

Rasävaara’s tower

Views from the top of the tower:

The lake

The lake



Before heading back to Joensuu, we stopped to meet the construction of the future cottage of Prof. Erkki Sutinen, which will be also the future writing-research retreat of EdTech.

Glimpse of future research retreat spot

Glimpse of future research retreat spot

After this stop, we drove back to Joensuu.

It was a full intensive day at Koli! and I must admit, we had  A LOT OF FUN!!!!!  Thank you to all the participants! 🙂

Below the location of the areas that we visited. The screenshots are taken from

Location of the visited spots (1/2)

Location of the visited spots (1/2) – Screenshot from


Location of the visited spots (2/2)

Location of the visited spots (2/2)  – screenshot from


Week 3
Praha, Czech Republic

What is a Paternoster lift? Do you know it?
On my behalf, I had not clue about a paternoster lift even though we had bee playing the Pater Noster game.

During my 1.5 day visit to Prague I visited the Fakulta elektrotechnická. There, I discovered a Paternoster lift.

Some people did not wanted to use it, as they were concern with security. On my behalf, I thought it was so exciting. It was as having rollercoster in your own school!. So, as you can imagine, we should try it and we did. Being honest, I try it myself more than once! : )

In this first video, you will see the Paternoster lift.

In this second video I record our journey, inside the paternoster, towards the third floor. I turn the camera a bit later, as I needed to learn how to jump in, and later how to jump out. 🙂 Our conversation is in Spanish, wondering about this machine! 🙂

I really enjoy discovering our world!