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(genres – books & films)

  • Historical Fiction.  It refers to a fictional story that takes place during a historical time with real and/or invented characters.
  • Mystery. It denotes to a story full of suspense and puzzles that are not reveal until the end of the narrative.
  • Fantasy. It refers to stories that involve elements that are impossible in our real life such as posses certain magical powers, talking with rocks or bees.
  • Comedy. It denotes that the production involves jokes intended to make an audience to laugh.
  • Crime. It deals with crimes, their detention, criminals, and their motives. *
  • Non-Fiction. Information based on true facts.
  • romance
  • drama
  • adventure
  • action
  • dystopia
  • sci-fi

(genres – games)

  • agon
  • alea
  • mimicry
  • ilinx
  • First person shooting. In games refers to a story in which the player see the action as s/he was the main character, and most of the game requieres the player to utilize a rifle or other weapons.

(world regions and countries)

  • west, east, lantinamerica… 
  • mexico, korea, finland, tanzania, germany, canada, usa….

(field of study)

  • game design, game research, psychology, mobile learning, computer science, art, storytelling, ICT4D, methodology, history, ….

(type of media)

Refers that a specific type of media is involved in the post or make reference to a link with specific type of media.

  • video, photos, audio, words, animation, music, film,…


  • playing. Talking of playing something
  • learning. Something I learn there.
  • teaching. It is a lecture of someone involve.
  • reflecting on. Focus mainly on my reflections during my PhD journey.
  • reading.
  • writing. 
  • travelling. Involves information or views as a turist.
  • cooperating. Showing some cooperation, collaboration and sharing.
  • considering. I think about and take action.
  • organizing. 
  • wishing. Expressing some wishes
  • thinking.* Process of understanding
  • harvesting
  • discovering


  • Politics, inspirational, creative, school, university, mac, games, animals, virtual reality, second life, mobile, health, interaction, tablet, quiz, entrepreneur, innovation, business, memoirs, context, crisis, gamification**
  • magic, tablet,



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