CAIS - Mii

CAIS - Mii

10  _No_random_facts_  about me:

  1. Name: Carolina A. Islas Sedano
  2. Official occupation: PhD Student
  3. Blog: always under construction
  4. Personal Characteristics: a dreamer crusade with nerd tendencies. I am always present but in volunteer exile.
  5. Inseparable companion: manzanita in March 2011 due to a break down change to Sr.
  6. My life style: control chaos with drops of adventure.
  7. Motivator: live intensively each day.
  8. Constant questions: why life has to be so serious?  why couldn’t we produce more meaningful games? when will I get a steady income?
  9. Biggest two wishes: (i) to have a “world citizen” passport, and (ii) a miracle for improving my spelling and grammar skills – specially in writing – in the languages I use, pleaseeee…. 
  10. Research interest: Be able to play together, independently of age, culture, genre and status, involving our environment actively, and learn from each other while having a good time :). So, I am interested in knowledge, critical thinking, multimedia and the design of  digital applications to support learning and gaming.

To get to know more about me ‘formally’, look at my CV page.
To contact me digitally or analogy, please visit the contact page.

…what can we do with technology, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible? and enjoy and learn while using it!