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how to catch an iPhone thief

It is my impression that USA promotes detective movies, novels and TV shows. At least it has a wide sample of that genre. Then when I read the article of  “how to catch an iPhone thief” I could say the fact that happens in the USA and in CA, makes it just the perfect location.

Actually, if I want to look at it as a game definitely all the “pervasive games” and ARG could follow this interesting real-event that really put the “player” in action, and learn from it. This is what I call motivation, creativity and use of your skills and knowledge to recover what belongs to you.

Mr. Sam describes in his post how he recovered his iPhone. It  is a very detective story. Worth to read!

iPhone recovery. - Original photo from the post

Photo source: http://iphonetheif.blogspot.com/2010/01/iphone-theif-bust.html

the future of mobile

This video arrived to me via Twitter, unfortunately sometimes I lose track of who send what as hold the things for periods of time until I can read, watch or listen to them. Then, I apologize to lose the credits.

This video is well done and I have no idea if the factual information is accurate. The reason for me to put it is it give food for the though. My first reaction out of it: it scares me the exponential curve of this.

finally adobe-macromedia reacted !

For a long time I had been a macromedia fan. To be more precise a Flash devotee. Flash is one of the softwares more under used by programmers imho.

However, as I admit it has A LOT of positive features and it is powerful, one indisputable point against it is in the development of mobile applications. Because it WAS limited conversation that the client had with the server.

I wrote WAS 🙂 because it seems it will start a new living chapter about this.  Now SONY-Ericcson + Java + Adobe are working together to improve this limitation 🙂

This is SO interesting 🙂 for all the potential applications in and through mobile phones. On the other hand, now other platforms such as MUPE will have to put its antenna up in order to improve several graphical limitations for the UI development.  🙂 Yes!

game sickness?

The other day I was reading that there is a physical health problem call Nintenditis: an injury that causes severe pain in the extensor tendon of the thumb as a result of button presses (Höysniemi, 2006). After read this, for my inside I said: Com’on, that is a bit too much!.

Few hours after that personal comment, on the train and without anything else to read, then I decided to play with my handy. Actually, I thought I had played all what it is in there. But I found a new game for me, hidden in the Applications folder. The name of the game is Pitfall Jungle, so GOOOOD!!! . However, the story goes that I had played it for some hours, until believe it or not, my thumb hurts then perhaps I am having some Nokiaitis 😉

Höysniemi, J. (2002). Design and Evaluation of Physically Interactive Games. PhD Dissertation.