game sickness?

The other day I was reading that there is a physical health problem call Nintenditis: an injury that causes severe pain in the extensor tendon of the thumb as a result of button presses (Höysniemi, 2006). After read this, for my inside I said: Com’on, that is a bit too much!.

Few hours after that personal comment, on the train and without anything else to read, then I decided to play with my handy. Actually, I thought I had played all what it is in there. But I found a new game for me, hidden in the Applications folder. The name of the game is Pitfall Jungle, so GOOOOD!!! . However, the story goes that I had played it for some hours, until believe it or not, my thumb hurts then perhaps I am having some Nokiaitis 😉

Höysniemi, J. (2002). Design and Evaluation of Physically Interactive Games. PhD Dissertation.

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