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D18/16 – Time

Week 8, 2018
Turku, Finland

In anyway  I am claiming that today I discover time, instead, I have been aware of its existence and importance since long.  Instead, I do claim that to be aware might have different levels of intensity.  Meaning there are different levels to be aware of something.

Today, the intensity level of my awareness about time increased +1.   This increased, thanks god, came by reflecting upon my dreams. Meaning, everything is fine with me and my surroundings (thanks life!).  I mention this because often we realize about time when someone dies, or when we have a loss. We realize how important is to live and time is a very scarce resource we have.  

This +1 level of awareness about time came, as I said, when reflecting upon my dreams. I am very fortunate, as some of my dreams have been reached.  Others are on the made, and some, unfortunately will be for another life.

One BIG dream was to get my PhD. The dream was conquered thanks to many people surround me. At the same time, after getting that dream I was extremely exhausted.  I was burn out, and confused of what to do next. It was, honestly, a demanding task for me, to aim to achieve this dream/goal; and afterwards,  I was lost. I needed to re-connect to myself. Listen again to my inner voice.  Re-connect hast taken me a human eternity of 5 years and 6 months (approximately).

Today I can’t say I am fully recovered. However, I can state: I feel more reconnected than 5 years and 6 months ago. Energy is coming back, as well as dreams.  It was dreadful no idea what to do next, I mean of course is the academic career and follow the “traditional” paths, but how to do it if you are not connected with your heart in all these.

Now, for me, life is about learning. I am blessed because within this time I have had INCREDIBLE experiences, that without them I wouldn’t have re-connected.  As I am thankful, also I am aware that time is passing by so quickly and I had already “lost ” 5 years and 6 months.  Many dreams are popping, and now, I need to prioritize as I have less years of life left…..

Thus, my awareness about time has increased by +1, unquestionably!

— cais



D18/014 — My time in January 2018

Week 5, 2018
Turku, Finland

It is AMAZING,  today is already 4 of February!

This 4.2. is a beautiful Sunday in Turku, and before heading out, it is time to pragmatically review, my January 2018.

– According to toggl I recorded 296:41:22 hrs worked.   How much is that per day?  well, if January had  23 working days, then by dividing 296/23 gives me 12.86 hrs a day.
– I was able to safe money. Yes I also register all my expenses.
– I reach milestones related to work (Ubium & UTU).
– Some details in the house were also achieved, e.g. paints are hanged.


Life brings life. I knew this in advance, but I can confirm it now. Being surround by people who transmits life, one gets life. Energy is present, and I need / want this.

Learn to solve:  I like what I am doing, however I am not advancing. I need to focus because at the moment I am walking in circles.  I have an eternal question: what do I want?  which after my PhD defense has been harder to answer….. Now answer the question is not enough, one must take action too….. which brings me to the next challenge: Finalize what I start is challenging, and create new habits.

Much to do still!

— cais

D18/009 — I can do it

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

As yesterday, it is not easy to describe some specific discovery. Well, I discover constantly things about myself, that is for sure.  Those findings are difficult at particular moments to publish them, because one (or at least me) has to digest them.

So, today was the day where most people came back to their routines. Personally, I do not feel I have routines, or my routine is: find myself and purpose, survive in this world while I enjoy the most I can. Consequently, I do not have holidays as I heard people make. Actually I do not remember when was my official holidays, because there is always something to do when I am in a pseudo-holiday.  Simultaneously, I do not have extreme routines, I am flexible as train of event arrive.  Every day is, literary unique and all is knitted together, somehow. In my life, so far, it seems it is more about a control chaos. Therefore each day is different, and ideally I am aiming to fulfill goals. Even though it has taken me several years to re-connect with myself….. that is also a fact!

My discovery of today to be published:  it is possible for me to get up very early and still enjoy the day and overall be able to be productive all the time I am awake.

Honestly it is amazing to realize that: I CAN DO IT!   Some people might said is due to motivation, in inner interest, or outside pressure or…. I do not know.

One thing I know is, for several years I felt a bit stagnant. Unsure of where I want to go. Still is not sure my direction, however I know I am re-connect with myself with myself and I will do my best to finalize that process and keep on moving forward! 🙂

— cais


Thank you 2015

Week 53
München, Germany

Oh my!
2015 is finalizing and still there is much to do!

2015 is an AMAZING and UNEXPECTED year for me. During this year, I had been blessed to be in a process to crystallize dreams. For example:
– Bridge knowledge between México and Finland, with the activities we did in LEIVA at the CENART / CONACULTA
– Having the rare and unique opportunity to travel overseas each month (this is a personal record and a personal dream I confess!) visiting 3 continents! WOW!
– Be with people I admire and love
– and much more.
Each moment and activity connected to this year is VERY special in its own right. Also, the current challenges are BIG and plenty, but I can state: I am walking the walk.

If I would record this year in one sentence, it would be: “learning to take the bull by the horns”

There is MUCH to do, starting by FOCUSING !!!! Nevertheless, this is the moment to THANK to 2015 for all the life and moments it gave me!

Now getting curious for the 2016 in ALL senses!!!!

Check Republic ( Prague)

January:  Check Republic ( Prague)

Denmark (Copenhagen)

February:   (Copenhagen)

Germany (Frankfurt – Mexican Embassy)

March: Germany (Frankfurt – Mexican Embassy)

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

April:  Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Korea (Seoul)

May: Korea (Seoul)

Germany (München)

June: Germany (München)

Germany (Weinheim and more)

July: Germany (Weinheim and more)

Mexico (D.F.)

August:  Mexico (D.F.)

France (Paris)

September: France (Paris)

UK (London)

October:  UK (London)


Mexico (Puebla y Aguascalientes)

October / November:  Mexico (Puebla y Aguascalientes)

Greece (Athens)

November:  Greece (Athens)

Germany (Berlin and more)

December:  Germany (Berlin and more)


Week 45
Joensuu, Finland

2015 has been a year blessed with traveling. I am VERY LUCKY!  
Also, I accept that flying, conquering new worlds is part of my nature 🙂
Thus, I am looking forward share my 2015, because I want to re-live it 🙂

Meanwhile today, I decide to act in my blog instead to save a wonderful video in delicious. I want to share it the video here because: TIME is LIFE

More info about this video in this link