D18/009 — I can do it

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

As yesterday, it is not easy to describe some specific discovery. Well, I discover constantly things about myself, that is for sure.  Those findings are difficult at particular moments to publish them, because one (or at least me) has to digest them.

So, today was the day where most people came back to their routines. Personally, I do not feel I have routines, or my routine is: find myself and purpose, survive in this world while I enjoy the most I can. Consequently, I do not have holidays as I heard people make. Actually I do not remember when was my official holidays, because there is always something to do when I am in a pseudo-holiday.  Simultaneously, I do not have extreme routines, I am flexible as train of event arrive.  Every day is, literary unique and all is knitted together, somehow. In my life, so far, it seems it is more about a control chaos. Therefore each day is different, and ideally I am aiming to fulfill goals. Even though it has taken me several years to re-connect with myself….. that is also a fact!

My discovery of today to be published:  it is possible for me to get up very early and still enjoy the day and overall be able to be productive all the time I am awake.

Honestly it is amazing to realize that: I CAN DO IT!   Some people might said is due to motivation, in inner interest, or outside pressure or…. I do not know.

One thing I know is, for several years I felt a bit stagnant. Unsure of where I want to go. Still is not sure my direction, however I know I am re-connect with myself with myself and I will do my best to finalize that process and keep on moving forward! 🙂

— cais