Thank you 2015

Week 53
München, Germany

Oh my!
2015 is finalizing and still there is much to do!

2015 is an AMAZING and UNEXPECTED year for me. During this year, I had been blessed to be in a process to crystallize dreams. For example:
– Bridge knowledge between México and Finland, with the activities we did in LEIVA at the CENART / CONACULTA
– Having the rare and unique opportunity to travel overseas each month (this is a personal record and a personal dream I confess!) visiting 3 continents! WOW!
– Be with people I admire and love
– and much more.
Each moment and activity connected to this year is VERY special in its own right. Also, the current challenges are BIG and plenty, but I can state: I am walking the walk.

If I would record this year in one sentence, it would be: “learning to take the bull by the horns”

There is MUCH to do, starting by FOCUSING !!!! Nevertheless, this is the moment to THANK to 2015 for all the life and moments it gave me!

Now getting curious for the 2016 in ALL senses!!!!

Check Republic ( Prague)

January:  Check Republic ( Prague)

Denmark (Copenhagen)

February:   (Copenhagen)

Germany (Frankfurt – Mexican Embassy)

March: Germany (Frankfurt – Mexican Embassy)

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

April:  Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Korea (Seoul)

May: Korea (Seoul)

Germany (München)

June: Germany (München)

Germany (Weinheim and more)

July: Germany (Weinheim and more)

Mexico (D.F.)

August:  Mexico (D.F.)

France (Paris)

September: France (Paris)

UK (London)

October:  UK (London)


Mexico (Puebla y Aguascalientes)

October / November:  Mexico (Puebla y Aguascalientes)

Greece (Athens)

November:  Greece (Athens)

Germany (Berlin and more)

December:  Germany (Berlin and more)