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D18/010 — New Games

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

Since we moved to Turku we try to get involved with the game community. That involves developers and players.  There are different types of activities going on with the game community in here.  Frankly talking, from the possibilities we are aware of we had been more consistent with the monthly gathering of the  Turku Board Games Meetup.

So, be in the game board day was nothing new. However, I discovered two new games.


It is an interesting game. The main goal is to achieve that your robot visit “X” number of specific spots in order. Each round we program the game. However unexpected situation can happen with other players or if we did not get the proper “cards” to program the game or if we forget that we are in the moving “band”, or if we do not calculate well.

Honestly I enjoy the game and surprisingly I won this first time I played. I feel honored because I know, at least one person on this round is a very good programmer. Thus, there are hopes on my programming thinking! 🙂

I would like to play this game with my family too. It might be interesting! 🙂

My first robo rally game.


As the robo rally, I confess that I like this game. I am not good on games of bluff. Also I dislike the competitive games where one has to “harm” or “attack” the other players.

In la cosa nostra the player has to attack others players and maybe needs some bluffing, however it does not feel wrong. It is actually really fun. One of its appealing is that the game, I attempt to say, involves strategy. Also chance is well balance here. All in all a very good game.

It took us a while to play this game in this evening, because 3 out of 4 of the  players (that includes me) were first timers for this game. Only one of us have played once before. And the game is strongly based on what the cards say.  So, it is beneficial to know the cards to build a good strategy.

For me this was a long day of activities, so by the 4th round of the game I was exhausted. Consequently I did several several poor decisions for my gangsters and, as you can imagine,  I lose the game. Nevertheless, I can say: I would like to play again!

Both of the game I discovered today are wroth to try them. I highly recommend them. Additionally, to those two, we also played Splendor (for the records, I also won the round, lucky me this evening). It was a very good game evening!

Side note: while looking for the the photos of the game, I discovered that “La Cosa Nostra” actually it was a really Sicilian Mafia…. wow! need to read more 🙂

See you in February!

— cais


D18/007 Bedrock

Week 1, 2018
Turku, Finland

Time to start formally with being productive.
Now I should make a small demo for tomorrow and this demo involves sciences I am not familiar with.

The term I learn today was: Bedrock

I wonder if I studies this in school. If I did, I confess I did not remember because I needed to re-learn the term now.

Here two videos that help to understand what is Bedrock:

— cais

D18/003 Escaperoom: “The Wizard”

Week 1
Munich, Germany

As a Christmas present I gave a voucher to my family to participate together on a escape room. Before this experience, I only have been on one game room in Turku. So, my knowledge about escape rooms is not so deep. Therefore, when looking for this present was a bit “tricky” for my lack of knowledge on this “genre” and because one of my team member was 9.5 years old. Finally I selected: “Der Zauberer”.

On 3.1.18  was our appointment to play. We arrived and waited some minutes. In the waiting room we saw an interesting sign with warning, e.g.: No panic, Safety first, No arms, No pets, …..

Reading the rules while waiting to get into our escape room

Side Note: maybe the waiting “room” of these scape rooms could improve. Somehow the waiting room could start to create on the players certain experience. At the moment these rooms are not inviting, at least in my experience. 

Few minutes after we arrived, our “host” clarified us how to play the game. She also explained the back story of our selected escape room. Once the team agreed that we were ready, we got into our room and the game started.

For the record: We found the magic  elixir of immortality of the magicians and we did all in a bit less than an hour! IMPRESSIVE!!!

Honestly, I had the best team one could have! And the youngest team member was, literally, FANTASTIC!

This room had different type of puzzles that utilized diverse objects. In other words, there were more activities than looking for number to open locks. We used the wizard’s hat and his magic wand, a mirror, maps, bases for magic potions, smell different aromas, and more. It was enjoyable for all of us. Additionally, I insist, my team was the BEST! I couldn’t have done it alone, to be honest. 🙂

One thing I should remember: to bring paper and pen each one I get into a escape room.

Using my hand as a tool to solve puzzles

— cais