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Living on the cloud: “Ciao:” , “Hello: pocket”

Week 31
Tuku, Finland

Since 2011 I am member of  I would say I am a frequent user of it, as in this time I have collected there 8,482 links. The last link I saved was on July 4th, 2017.

Today I decided to startto declutter my browser. This implies to save some links.  Then, surprise!!! button on my browser did not allow me to save 🙁   Calm people! It is not the first time has a problem.

What do next? of course, to research what it is going on. After some challenges, I was able to log in on my browser. I start to explore inside my account how to save my link and then I got the following message:

Delicious finalized

Delicious finalized

NEWS (for me) has been bought by Pinboard. According to Wikipedia this happened on  June 1st.  Honestly I had not idea about this.  Perhaps I will dig on my emails to see if I was informed somehow….

Nevertheless, now my direct challenge is: what I will use?

Researching again, I found pocket. Apparently it is a nice tool. The following video sold it to me:

Now starting on pocket. Hopefully I can export my links from delicious! New task for my TODO list.

However all this adventure brings me back to a topic I am often think about: be aware if your life depends only of a cloud!

— cais

how to catch an iPhone thief

It is my impression that USA promotes detective movies, novels and TV shows. At least it has a wide sample of that genre. Then when I read the article of  “how to catch an iPhone thief” I could say the fact that happens in the USA and in CA, makes it just the perfect location.

Actually, if I want to look at it as a game definitely all the “pervasive games” and ARG could follow this interesting real-event that really put the “player” in action, and learn from it. This is what I call motivation, creativity and use of your skills and knowledge to recover what belongs to you.

Mr. Sam describes in his post how he recovered his iPhone. It  is a very detective story. Worth to read!

iPhone recovery. - Original photo from the post

Photo source:

finally adobe-macromedia reacted !

For a long time I had been a macromedia fan. To be more precise a Flash devotee. Flash is one of the softwares more under used by programmers imho.

However, as I admit it has A LOT of positive features and it is powerful, one indisputable point against it is in the development of mobile applications. Because it WAS limited conversation that the client had with the server.

I wrote WAS 🙂 because it seems it will start a new living chapter about this.  Now SONY-Ericcson + Java + Adobe are working together to improve this limitation 🙂

This is SO interesting 🙂 for all the potential applications in and through mobile phones. On the other hand, now other platforms such as MUPE will have to put its antenna up in order to improve several graphical limitations for the UI development.  🙂 Yes!

another reason why I love mac

Today I should reduce 73 pictures of size. Each one over 70% of its size. If someone has done that type of work, will agree with me that it is not fun, and really time consuming.

How ever, I know that Automator exits, and I have never use it until now. And in here, in public I want to say, THANKS MAC for Automator. It took me around 5 minutes to understand how does it work, and after try my first workflow, it worked, changing all those pictures in less than a minute. WOWOW!!!

Also for the hardcord programmers, I must say, that this is the first time that I see a programming tool that manage Objetcs in such intuitive way, against fools to reach a goal, and at the same time really powerful. Worth to see! And better to use it!

By coincidence, right now it is playing a new advertisement WIN vs MAC which is worth to see 😉

If you liked it, and want to watch more, select from the new ads from mac website, really good ones!