Living on the cloud: “Ciao:” , “Hello: pocket”

Week 31
Tuku, Finland

Since 2011 I am member of  I would say I am a frequent user of it, as in this time I have collected there 8,482 links. The last link I saved was on July 4th, 2017.

Today I decided to startto declutter my browser. This implies to save some links.  Then, surprise!!! button on my browser did not allow me to save 🙁   Calm people! It is not the first time has a problem.

What do next? of course, to research what it is going on. After some challenges, I was able to log in on my browser. I start to explore inside my account how to save my link and then I got the following message:

Delicious finalized

Delicious finalized

NEWS (for me) has been bought by Pinboard. According to Wikipedia this happened on  June 1st.  Honestly I had not idea about this.  Perhaps I will dig on my emails to see if I was informed somehow….

Nevertheless, now my direct challenge is: what I will use?

Researching again, I found pocket. Apparently it is a nice tool. The following video sold it to me:

Now starting on pocket. Hopefully I can export my links from delicious! New task for my TODO list.

However all this adventure brings me back to a topic I am often think about: be aware if your life depends only of a cloud!

— cais