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Micro droplets

Week 18, 2020
Turku, Finland

A personal wish within the current covid-19 disruption is that more people increase their interest in science and philosophy in addition to art and culture. These are the foundations of our development and innovation.

We need to learn to make questions and look for answers. In addition to be open to hear and offer constructive feedback.

By now, maybe some of you might be wondering: why can’t we gather? (e.g. restaurants, theaters, classrooms, concerts )  Well, the following video gives an insight of a potential reason behind this rational.

Petapixel wrote an article reflecting about this video in reference to covid-19. In their article, they embed a tweet with a link to another article from the LA Times, which describes an outbreak case of a choir   probably through air.  It is worth the read both articles.

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Pomponrahka and Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest

Week 4, 2020
Turku, Finland

Here, in Southwest Finland the weather is like spring,  even though it should be a freezing cold winter. I will not write about my personal concern, or share evidence, related to how quickly the weather is changing. The purpose of this post is to build a nano lesson #001 of discovering the region where I am living currently.

Close to Turku airport there is a walking path named  Pomponrahka.  I didn’t know anything about this path until I writing this post. Now I discover that this area is home for approximately one third of the spiders’ species in Finland. I confess while I was walking there, I didn’t see one spider, but I was not looking for them either.

This is a short trail (approx. 2km),  next to Turku airport.  Despite being an interesting trail, for my surprise and in my personal opinion, the trail is “loud”.   I mention this because one can constantly hear  traffic from the “near” roads. Despite this, it is a nice trail to walk. I personally like the swamp area, where one has the possibility to sit and admire the landscape. I took a photo of this particular spot, but the photo is not good.  Next time I will improve this shot.

The trail is easy to walk, it is almost flat with few location where one has to “climb” slightly.

After the walk, we drove to see a  “glacial erratic”  (siirtolohkare) rock close by: Kärsämäki Devil’s Nest.  This rock has a legend, which we should translate carefully as at the moment makes no sense if one uses only google translator.

I need to reflect upon this Sunday walk, and consider it as lesson #001 because I didn’t know anything about the importance of the trail neither about “glacial erratic” rocks.  All what one can learn, while being  on the road.