educational technology, technology education, instructional technology?

Interesting! right now I face myself with an new lack of focus and/or understanding. If the title of my blog is so clear: what am I doing?.

Anyway, let me state the question to the public. Is it correct that the primarily focus and/or objectivge of our EdTech group is the option A?. Being the other options also present but secondary objectives. Am I correct or am I missleading myself in here?

A) We are enhancing the teaching and learning process focusing on the craft or the art of using technology. (Educational technology )

B) We are focus on technological literacy for everyone. (Technology education)

C) We are doing instructional technology. Which might be similar as Educational technology but as difference of it, it stresses more the “scientific and systems approach of instructional problem solving”.

Clear thinking is just a mess.

Once a read that math teachers can’t teach math properly, because themselves can’t understand it. But at this point, I start to believe this phenomena is not exclusive of math.

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  1. matti

    I believe that a course on the philosophy of educational technology would be of great help to all of us. There doesn’t seem to be, however, an explicit idea of the philosophy of educational technology.

  2. cislas Post author

    you are 100% right in that one. I took and complete the EdTech course (even that I am really bad student) and I didn’t get any insight of it, if I recall properly. And to add some challenge to solve this fuzzy objectives, if someone will be willing to make the “philosophy of educational technology” explicit, this will imply: knowledge and time. (you know about that! ;P)

    Then what shall we do? leave each member with its own prioritization of objectives?

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