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week 8 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

Writing… writing…. and believe it or not, it can help to discover wonders  😉  as the new approaches to use rubik. Yes, pieces of art-work this article from Web-Urbanist offers a a good overview.

Also I found one company which re-contextualize common objects as the rubik:  cubeworks.  For me an inspirational company. Wondering if they play each on of the rubik to get the color configuration that they need.

Rubik art

Rubik art

Image source here

chocolate VS bombs

week 5 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

Through my FB, I was shared a video of coca-cola, which I think is very good. The end, is not my maximum, but I understand they needed to announce their product.

I found the commercial with English subtitles. I am glad! Thus, I can share it with a bigger audience in here. From my perspective the commercial is very creative and positive. It encloses also a truth, “You only see what people want you to see”, there are so many ways to see, it is up to us to discover how we want to see…

My favorite statement is the comparison of moms making chocolate cakes VS scientific people creating bombs. So coooool!!!!  and based on a POSITIVE true!!!

The commercial with the song’s lyrics in English and Spanish, and without the English subtitles of the main message, can be found in here. Just be sure that the CC is activated, otherwise the lyrics do not appear.

Finally, well done Argentina, where the commercial was conceptualized!

PS. I really enjoy the creativity in commercials.

ideas in advertisement.

Without being a fan of any brand, I confess in each football world championship and Olympic Games, coca-cola and pepsi have very ingenious ads. The creative people of diapers and some odorants as axel, for my taste are very good as well.

I LOVE ideas and creativity!!!!!

The following ad is the first one I see from the next football cup, and it made me smile.  Perhaps others will smile too, here it goes:

common sense

I was listening to Puissance , and their song: “Release the world” makes me to think. Ok, the music in this track is not my best shot, but the way in which they talk about common sense it makes it worth to listen.

This remains me how are the advances of “Common Sense, Inc.” . After read this lyrics I realized it will be quite interesting to see how the company will target its goal and of course which one it will be.