chocolate VS bombs

week 5 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

Through my FB, I was shared a video of coca-cola, which I think is very good. The end, is not my maximum, but I understand they needed to announce their product.

I found the commercial with English subtitles. I am glad! Thus, I can share it with a bigger audience in here. From my perspective the commercial is very creative and positive. It encloses also a truth, “You only see what people want you to see”, there are so many ways to see, it is up to us to discover how we want to see…

My favorite statement is the comparison of moms making chocolate cakes VS scientific people creating bombs. So coooool!!!!  and based on a POSITIVE true!!!

The commercial with the song’s lyrics in English and Spanish, and without the English subtitles of the main message, can be found in here. Just be sure that the CC is activated, otherwise the lyrics do not appear.

Finally, well done Argentina, where the commercial was conceptualized!

PS. I really enjoy the creativity in commercials.

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