each day can be a celebration day – it is up to us

Hmmm…. for me “New Years” is like the earth’s birthday. Humans made it up, as we have no idea when our planet born but anyway humans celebrate together this day. Most of the people in this season are happy and with good energy, however it is possible to find depression too, which is understandable. However, what it is common and easy to see in this period is: the reflection of  what people did on the year that is finalizing and thinking in their personal wishes and/or new intentions for next one. Example of this is at the beginning of each year exponential amount of promises about: lose weight, finalizing things, do sports, etc. are present.

My “New Years Celebration” or my way to celebrate our planet’s birthday, as many cultural things and events  has been mutating. This is understandable as I am moving around in our western hemisphere, adapting and merging with different special persons and traditions, then for me it is not a unique way to celebrate and I enjoy a moment.  But this “New Years”, as in my 2009 birthday (yes I am THAT old 😉  ) had not a visible party, and still it offered me a magical moment of existence. Writing about this makes me remember about the book of Marlo Morgan, “Las voces del desierto“, highly recommended.

In brief, few hours after I reached Joensuu on  Dec. 31st I hurt my eye with my contact lenses. Oh man!!!! It hurts!!!  On the 010110 = the first day of 2010, I went to the hospital. Thanks to the life was nothing serious just a small “erosion” or scratch in my eye due to my lack of care. Gina was taking care of me, from the distance, and actually she sent me to the hospital since the 31st. I was stubborn to do not go, but I paid my dues for that decision.

The right eye is healthy but connected to the sick one, thus the perception of any light was VERY painful, even to look the hour on my phone was a challenge.  Any movement of the eye hurt.  As a result my both eyes must keep closed and still. I realize how dependant I am of my eyes.

In this process I was able to listen more carefully.  That was interesting, rich and enjoyable. I knew my eyes will be back, and I truly trust in Mikko who took me to the hospital, therefore I had no worry  just experiencing my “sick” state and focusing in recovering ASAP! .

Then, my “New Years” was not a noisily party, instead it was a  discovery-celebration of all what I have.  We live in a magical planet that we do not observe and less listen to, very sad indeed. And I am blessed to have my wonderful chassis 😉  I will not win a beauty contest, which it is fine with me as long as  I am healthy, complete and my body cope with my exploring craziness. I am blessed 😉

Without a doubt, I can celebrate every single day! 😉 and I think all of us could! 🙂

calm full of life

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