east or west…

as we know there is “trend” of a convergence to have everything in one device.

Right now I am kind of divided myself between Nintendo and Apple mainly. I know there are more players on the field, but loyalty has a price 😛 and those are the ones I know the best right now. Nokia is making its path through my heart, but still is work in process. Anyway, right now I am a complete observer and let’s see the philosophy and creativity of each company.

If you think they are not comparable, well, right now in Japan, for example the Nintendo DS, just need to be a phone, because it can be used to watch TV (digital TV),  listen music, surf the internet, listen music and of course play.  From a bigger console perspective, Nintendo has the leadership of the game market .

Now, Apple is trying to converge as well everything except in games, to my surprise, is quite behind I would say. However here are some attempts in that direction.

Let’s see what it will happen!

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