ace attorney

Week 5, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

From my perspective, the motion picture industry has a presence in USA. For example, usually WaltDisney  or Hollywood produce a movie and later launch a game related to the specific movie.

Japan creates games, which are fantastic without a need to produce a film. One of those games is Ace Attorney. I should confess that this particular game has influenced me in the game designs I have been involved.

Now, for me, an interesting fact was to discover that Japan is producing a movie of this game, ace attorney. Hmmm….  Wondering about watching a film from my game, with live action, with actors, instead of anime or a manga. Interesting…..

Some years ago, when I was newer in the world of research and posting,  I posted about west-east trends as in this link in January 2008 and  this link in May 2008. But I never suspect the trends to go in this direction. I enjoy to be surprised!

For sure I want to watch the movie!

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