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playing with kinect

Week 38, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

Sorry I have been so silent in the last weeks. There are good reasons for it. For example: I went to a wedding from a dear friend of mine in Nice, then I recorded a lecture in WWEDU that is in Wels, Austria (I think I post something about it); then visited Gøvik University College in Norway; participated at the CIMUSET; and believe it or not my family and very special people were here, surrounding me for my doctoral defence.  Honestly, I had been learning A LOT in the last weeks and enjoying even more! =)  So, in brief I have to write much to catch up.

However, the aim of this post is to share a game, which I honestly want to try: Kinected Stories: The Interactive Storybook Series.

One thing I am very curious about in this game is the experience of using my imagination when I read a book and link it to the imagination of the creators of the game. When, we read a book, as we know, we use our imagination a lot, e.g., creating voices, describing characters, that this imaginative effort help us to immerse in the story. For one reason, it is known that first read the book and later watch the movie. At least in most of the cases, this is the flow to follow.

So, the video advice to play first and later read the book does not convince me 100% yet.  Nevertheless, I should understand it is a promotional video 😉

In any case, for sure I want to try the game!!!!! =) and when time comes, meet the developers too 😉

Getting vision for the future: One day, I think I will expand this playing curiosities even more….. getting ready for it!

ace attorney

Week 5, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

From my perspective, the motion picture industry has a presence in USA. For example, usually WaltDisney  or Hollywood produce a movie and later launch a game related to the specific movie.

Japan creates games, which are fantastic without a need to produce a film. One of those games is Ace Attorney. I should confess that this particular game has influenced me in the game designs I have been involved.

Now, for me, an interesting fact was to discover that Japan is producing a movie of this game, ace attorney. Hmmm….  Wondering about watching a film from my game, with live action, with actors, instead of anime or a manga. Interesting…..

Some years ago, when I was newer in the world of research and posting,  I posted about west-east trends as in this link in January 2008 and  this link in May 2008. But I never suspect the trends to go in this direction. I enjoy to be surprised!

For sure I want to watch the movie!


is an interesting pervasive game idea 🙂 . I just start to play sharkrunners this weekend and so far so good.  It requires time for the game to develop however each each time you play is brief. Nice combination.

What I like the most is that it supports a personal philosophy: ” what can we do with technology that otherwise would not be possible” 🙂 Hurray!!!

Do you want to try?  just let the sharks to contact us 😉



shark -- by kittymowmow

shark -- by kittymowmow


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a game that MUST be played

Some weeks ago I played for first time “BRAID“, and I am looking forward to play it again. However, until now I am able to recommend it openly to anyone that is interested in new challenges.

Also through this game I confirm once again: CREATIVITY goes beyond everything !

no comments

I have been playing already for some weeks with Densetsu no Stafi 4. It is an enjoyable game highly recommended 🙂 . And today finally I manage to reach the level 6, HURRAY!!!!!. I must confess that to kill the boss of the level 5 took me days, while in previous boss stages of the same game, have taken me from just few minutes to a couple of hours.

However according to the walkthrough of this game, for the boss of the level 5, the author says: “…about the boss, he is not very strong… Trust me, it is not very hard and you can do it in no time.”  . I just can say, no comments… 

I am in the level 6 🙂