games updates from east

It has been long without posting, but soon I will write about my research. Meanwhile some updates (it is important to keep ourselves update on what is it happening in our world.Â

My personal opinion on this is a clear division of tactics in reaching the market between Nintendo and Sony. One is more focus in the game play while the other is in interested in the integration of high end video visual technology.Nevertheless making use the capitalism system advantages with a no monopoly, let’s see how these companies will improve themselves to convince the market  🙂

Also from a global capitalist perspective, but from another point of view, for those who are into game research or with interest of the topic I recommend the article from Larissa Hjorth from RMIT University / Yonsei University.  About “Games @ NeotRegionalism: Locating Gaming in the Asia Pacific” Good food for the though! .

From all these, even that excites me the news and I enjoy the topic, deep inside I wonder: when other areas of our globe will be able to put their own presence in digital gaming too?!  – I know there are a lot of socio-economical factors on this, but still, the wish is there.

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