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It is a fact that independently of language, I am bad on writing. Perhaps I need to talk with a cognitive psychologist or a linguistic to understand my own case. My personal assumption is: my way of thinking is chaotic, and it does not present the conventional structures for clear expression.  Anyway, I am working on developing the proper writing communication skills so relevant for academia (and so painful to acquiere).

However this post is not about that, it’s purpose is mainly to test a multilingual blog . Yeap, for our ongoing projects with Lieksa and Helsinki, we (Mikko, Teemu and I)  need a multilingual blog. Then I am experimenting about that with my own blog. Nice!

Actually the conference of CATaC, which was bilingual, gave me food for the though in relationship to languages in academic contexts. Yeap, how important is to be open to other languages, in order to understand different ways of analysis, argumentation and philosophies. Not everything can be translated. A correct attitude towards this topic is not only interesting, but also relevant for a richer picture of any phenomena. No easy, challenging, but also rich 🙂 

 Anyway, more soon!

 PS. If you want to try yourself to make a multilingual wordpress site, here is a good guide for it. 

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nature and humans

this section is not directly related to my research, I am not referring to games neither toys nor personal reflection on the matter. However, it can be an inspirational source of ideas, but overall, to offer respect of our planet.

In addition, I can’t stop to get amazed each time I read something related to nature and humans. We do not live in the vacuum !!!! 🙂 (or just between cables, concrete and other humans)

I start this new section, presenting the deceased Alex. A 31 year old African gray parrot that pass away last week, but it seems it would have been quite interesting to meet him. According to the media, he had an “equivalent” brain of a five years old child. Never heard before of brain research on birds.

If animals would talk to us in a way we understand them, I wondering what they will tell us!