New ways to play with your pet….

For sure technology can go far. Actually I have no idea how far it can go, or which science fiction book will be the life setting for the future generations of my species.

But at some moments, I really wonder: shall we, human beings, should have some kind of “fix” limits?. Our imagination and creativity, either in a positive or negative direction, but for sure pushes those limits further and further away from our “natural” nature and environment. Or, are we just running in circles?! sometimes I could wonder as well if we really know what are we looking for?

No idea about all this, or thinking all the time about it.

This is a new and/or controversial futuristic way to play VR Games Pit Pets Against Owners . Create yourself, your own opinion about it!

1 thought on “New ways to play with your pet….

  1. wormspy

    I liked this idea! 🙂
    But not in a way “pet vs human”, but in a collaboration way.
    I would like to develop some toy for my cat, that can ran away, hide, so on with no human attention. Or some machine like “refrigerator/microwave” for animal. So animal can choose food that he/she want.
    Or other way of communication 🙂

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