Eastern good wishes – reading and writing.

The last time has been a bit chaotic for myself. However, on the last days I was lucky because calm knock at my door. Its visit had helped me to start to digest better (hope so) what it is happening around (research, classes, dreams, life, etc. ). Sometimes things just go so fast! or I need my time to digest things.

And from my priorities into my “to do” list are: read, read, read…. and learn to improved my writing skills (if existent) on academic English. Oh my! That will imply effort and discipline, but one step at the time (and some of my EdTech pals will agree with me, that I have to work a lot into this subject).

On the other hand, today while having a great walk next to the lake, I remembered a phrase from Sor Juana: ‘Si estudio, no es para saber mas, sino por ignorar menos’ (If I study, is not for knowing more, instead is for unknowing less) , then it turns to be more appealing and interesting this process as well, isn’t it?

To have your goal on clear, and keep the discipline in order to reach that goal are kind of the key issues into this recipe. Actually the real hard part is: to know what you want to do, once you know that part, the next challenge is: to know what is needed to do to reach that goal?. And finally to decided yourself to do it. But on respect to this topic, today I decided myself to go for it!

Oh my!

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