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about games

it has been long since I post some games that might be interesting to show, from my point of view. But today is the day and for sure those are games I would like to try, at least once, what about you?. Take a look:

a) for those who like sensors, and chanllenge the believe that actions of humans can be predictable, here is an interesting research: “Skin signals betray a gamer’s moves” .

b) for those who do not like to be connected to a machine, but still use their body for playing, this “Shadow Monsters (Gameplay?) Is A Bit Amazing”

c) Last but not least, for those who like the one person shooting game, and who does not get surprise that the military is trying to advance much on the development of technologies, here it goes how they are working on live-virtual, immersive systems, here a video of the Virtual Combat Simulator.

Then that is for the moment folks!

New ways to play with your pet….

For sure technology can go far. Actually I have no idea how far it can go, or which science fiction book will be the life setting for the future generations of my species.

But at some moments, I really wonder: shall we, human beings, should have some kind of “fix” limits?. Our imagination and creativity, either in a positive or negative direction, but for sure pushes those limits further and further away from our “natural” nature and environment. Or, are we just running in circles?! sometimes I could wonder as well if we really know what are we looking for?

No idea about all this, or thinking all the time about it.

This is a new and/or controversial futuristic way to play VR Games Pit Pets Against Owners . Create yourself, your own opinion about it!