brown bear rescue

the text is in Spanish, however the adventure is from an US brown bear. Through the series of six pictures anyone can understand it (I believe). The serie talks about a difficult rescue of a brown bear who got stock through a bridge .

I found it cute, but also I identify with it. In this XXI century, oh my!!! you get lost with so much technology and information !!! What it is “natural” turns to be just a passing oasis though our path. Yes, confusing for anyone, I would say. We need help to get ourselves rescue and sometimes just by putting us to sleep we can comeback to our own feet again.

1 thought on “brown bear rescue

  1. Clint

    How on earth did that bear get like that?
    I like how you use this as a metaphor for how you feel in the world of information overload.
    You probably do need someone to put you to sleep for a while – you have been looking very tired lately 🙂 j/k

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