D18/012 — New location of chocolates inside a supermarket

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

We went for groceries today at Kupittaa K-City Market. We were inside the store for an eternity – this is literal –  because I came with the “crazy” idea, in situ, to try the dishes of store’s magazine. That would be material for another post.

What I want to share here as my discovery of today is: a new location to display / offer  sweets to the customers on this supermarket.

The sweets are now actually in-front of you when you pay. I have never seen this before, until today. I think this is getting really hard for those of us who want to reduce our sweets in take. The store cannot put those products closer to the shopper any longer. :O

Good thing I do not like those chocolates. Yes, I am a picky sweet eater. Still, I need to train my inner power for the day I am directly tempted with the chocolates that I like.

New location to display sweet on a supper market

— cais