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D18/012 — New location of chocolates inside a supermarket

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

We went for groceries today at Kupittaa K-City Market. We were inside the store for an eternity – this is literal –  because I came with the “crazy” idea, in situ, to try the dishes of store’s magazine. That would be material for another post.

What I want to share here as my discovery of today is: a new location to display / offer  sweets to the customers on this supermarket.

The sweets are now actually in-front of you when you pay. I have never seen this before, until today. I think this is getting really hard for those of us who want to reduce our sweets in take. The store cannot put those products closer to the shopper any longer. :O

Good thing I do not like those chocolates. Yes, I am a picky sweet eater. Still, I need to train my inner power for the day I am directly tempted with the chocolates that I like.

New location to display sweet on a supper market

— cais

D18/005 Tacos

Week 1, 2018
Turku, Finland

Back in Finland, and while walking on the street I read on the door a restaurant called Taconito the following message: “approved by mexicans”. Naturally, I got curious and visited the place. There were tacos! 🙂

I believe it was important to try them so I bought some to take away.  the first nice suprised is that they gave me the “salsas” to take away as we do at home. That was just lovely.  Later at home, we try them and honestly, there were very good tacos!

So, if you are in Turku and you want to eat good tacos with a good service please visit Taco Nito. This was a very good discovery! 🙂

Tacos at home with the set of salsas aside. DELICIOUS!

— cais


Mexican food day

Week 1
Joensuu, Finland

Winter is here as you can see:

Weather on 8.1.16

Weather on 8.1.16

To cheer me up, today I declared a delicatessen day of  Mexican food.

I started with  tamales Oaxaqueños for breakfast and for lunch and dinner Chilaquiles.

Chilaquiles in Joensuu

Chilaquiles in Joensuu

Lucky me with my kitchen treasures to survive this winter !!!!