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My fellow companion for the last 5 years, literally my baby, it is severly sick.  🙁

It does not accept to take electricity anymore, hence, it only has 40% energy left….

However as loyal as it always has been, it allowed me to finalize my backup…

I am saving  the energy it has left for a miracle….

oh man! 🙁

how to catch an iPhone thief

It is my impression that USA promotes detective movies, novels and TV shows. At least it has a wide sample of that genre. Then when I read the article of  “how to catch an iPhone thief” I could say the fact that happens in the USA and in CA, makes it just the perfect location.

Actually, if I want to look at it as a game definitely all the “pervasive games” and ARG could follow this interesting real-event that really put the “player” in action, and learn from it. This is what I call motivation, creativity and use of your skills and knowledge to recover what belongs to you.

Mr. Sam describes in his post how he recovered his iPhone. It  is a very detective story. Worth to read!

iPhone recovery. - Original photo from the post

Photo source: http://iphonetheif.blogspot.com/2010/01/iphone-theif-bust.html

mac add

In spite of being a mac fan, I could shoot that guy if I was flying next to him. Nevertheless, I admit the idea made me laugh!

Unfortunately I still see it practically unrealistic (the movie production). If I am doing a video on the road, the laptop’s battery is not enough, it is a must to plug to a energy source.  Some airlines start to think about this, and for example Air Canada leaves on each one of the back sits access to USB connections and electricity. It looks good, nevertheless it will be nicer when it is working.

This is turning interesting!


air canada

mexico mágico

After almost 4 years I am visiting the land that saw me born, fed me in my first years and offered me my basics. You know after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, I felt I MUST come in here. Actually, I shouldn’t let pass so much time between visits.

With all its chaos it should be admitted that México is a chaotic – non understandable but magical land. And between a busy and nice agenda, I want to share you some information:
(click on the picture if you want to look at it in bigger size)

– One of our avenues is Revolución. As you can imagine in a metropolitan area of approximately 25 million persons to find 8 lines streets just in one direction is common, and it doesn’t imply that the traffic improves. However sometimes you can find space between red lights.

– In Mexico is a fact that you can eat a different dish every day for more than 365 days. But I will not talk about dishes yet. By now, I want to share ingredients. Here one of the vegetables’ stands in one mobile market.

Mex - verduras
From the same market the stand of oranges (20 oranges for 30 pesos ~ aprox. 2 euros) I am an addict of orange juice!!!

Mex - naranjas
– The Popocatepetl , magnificent volcano.

– I am very proud of my manzanita because it is able to connect via modem to the internet. 😉