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take advantage of critcism…

Some weeks ago I read “How to Get Ideas” from Hack Foster. A very good book from different perspectives, giving me food for the thought and some reminders.

Today I feel the book is full of truth! This year I had been working in focusing my research. Besides my “Licentiate” I wrote 8 LONG papers and ANY accepted. With the first 4 rejections I got down. Then, after vented my “frustration” I reacted and got back to the battle camp. Before the last four rejections arrived, I was fully immerse in the theory and methodology of my work. Then, the rejections came and got them as relief. However got interesting feedback.

What do I want to say with this? Perhaps for anyone that has been in my situation or might be in my situation and by accident pop in this blog, relax!. Criticism is an advantage.

Why am I so sure?  well, today I do not only have 8 mature ideas (and popping better new ideas too), the valuable part is I have over a dozen of  inputs from experts (at this moment) helping me to clarify my own thoughts and teaching me how to transmit my message as clear as possible. Just do not get frozen keep on working, success will come.

I always wanted quality, but who said the path is easy?. It is clear, criticism is not simple to get or digest. Think about the critics, at the one transform them to you favor (take what it is worth of it). Furthermore,  “many people would rather die than think. In fact they do.” – Bertrand Russell.



Talent doesn’t – nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talen

Wealth doesn’t – the born-rich who die poor are legion

Genius doesn’t– unrewarded genious is almost as proverb

Education doesn’t – the world is full of educated derelicts

Luck doesn’t – her fickleness has toppled kings.



copy from “How to Get Ideas” pag 181

work hard and play hard

In the last weeks I had worked as crazy  but also  I had the opportunity to be in Lappland, Joensuu, Tampere, Bahamas and Orlando, and in each spot the main focus has been: life, learning and games.

 It will be needed some time to diggest all these, but in brief to bring together industry and academia towards a similar goal besides to be a must (from my perspective) it is full of  richness. Yes, I have much to share, the FDG2009, was a learning experience in all senses. In the last days (weeks) I have seen collaboration between individuals in amazing ways, and the interaction with systems (between human-human and human-machine) very innovative, “pervasive“, immersive. In few words, I was shaked to wake up and realize that our “progress“ goes faster than I was thinking in my small brain. Yes, there is much to work and to do, I am slow in my own process, but persistant in the path. However it is room for everybody and every idea. Life and things are constantly moving and evolving… nothing is static!

“The future is today and tomorrow is just one dream away”  this is one of my BIGGEST learning experiences, which I knew, but sometimes I forget or I need some reminding about it. The are different worlds, but we have the most important elements: time, imagination and mind, then let’s go for it!!!

I wish all the individuals in this planet listen to themselves and work together towards believe in themselves, in  their friends and family and harmonize all that “magic” with our amazing and surprising plannet. Every corner of this globe is just a wonderful spot full of surprises!

More details of this will come soon, just reporting from „Rock& Roll Coaster“ leeet’s rock!!!!!  Now to keep on my last hrs of Mickey Mouse’s overdosis! 🙂



pielisen museo

In here I only can write: dreams do come true! .

On one hand, since a child I had been wondering what the walls could tell us if they could talk. On the other hand, I am a believer that we should enjoy more our life in this planet, why everything should be so serious all the time? . Reason why I am interested in games, I am a BAD student because it is serious boring the rest.

This month,  the walls of the Virsuvaara home at the museum of Lieksa start “talking”  🙂  Furthermore,  people of different ages and backgrounds are able to connect through the objects and walls of this house, and beyond it, learn something from the Finnish culture 🙂

I am amazed about all this! 🙂

Let me make the story of this brief. After the first SciMyst, Erkki introduced us with the people of the Pielisen Museum. In the summer 2007 we started to gather information from the visitors’ opinions about the museum and seek for some funding. At the beginning of this year 2008, we were awarded on our application to the National Board of Antiquities and the real work started. Of course we want to respond properly to the trust of the funding.


Along this time, also our team has been consolidating. We are getting robust little by little in the applications we are developing. Mikko and Teemu are just incredible and I learn a lot from them. Actually Mikko should have a medal for his patience, specially from the time when Teemu was in Korea because he should deal with me all the time by himself. No a simple issue I can say.

The result of good energy, good people and a lot of work is a mobile game application that people starts to enjoy as our tests shown (test 1, test 2) . Still is a lot of work to do, however each time I am able to see the shiny smile of any player using one of our application, all the effort pays off.

And today finally the blog of this project is almost 100% update. There you can have a briefly view of what has been and is happening. It is amazing HOW fast time pass by.

stop the world, I want to get down!

Somedays ago I was seeking eagerly for this quote. It is given by  Mafalda . Finally  I found it, as well as several of her quotes and comics. She is fantastic!!!.

I read her as a child. Now  it amazes me how she is so up to date in her reflections. From the quote I was seeking, she uses it while referring to our world (look the video below). On my side, I am in a lower level, because I get frozen each time I update myself with the “world” news 🙁 . I am slow in processing in comparison with all the speed of events and information about everything that it is displaying constantly. Right now, it was an emergency to go to my basics: learn to do not overwhelm myself living and enjoying day by day, and working step by step towards a goal or a dream. That is hard job by itself and more with all my chaos! But getting there 🙂

passion in life

maybe inside me I am more of a dreamer than I am aware of. But this talk moves me. Definitely it is challenging to follow your heart all the time. Live with passion is not so easy. Perhaps it can be “easier” to talk about it, but still is challenging, because you have to live it in order to transmit it.

This talk from Steve Jobs, made me smile, feel and think in several aspects. And I want to share it with you, no for MAC, no for IT, no for EdTech. More to share a life attitude to transform “challenges” to opportunities.