small consternation…

First I read about DOPA:
The US is in a process to create a law to forbid the use of networking sites and chat room in schools and libraries, which could mean digitalized thoughts, reflections and discussions will be prohibited at school time, which are places that theoretically have people and resources to guide you in further reflection, criticism, discussion and understanding.

Later about PeaceMaker:
My wish came true 😉 and there is a simulation game call
Peace Maker, which simulates the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It seems they are doing a great effort on it, and they are really enthusiastic about it. Actually, I hope we will get it for our department now when it is out, it will be great to see it, and over all to play it. I am really looking forward!. But a new wish comes, and it is to hear or read the Palestine opinion of the game, not only from Israel.

Then to finalize this post, with the information that I have at this point of those two events, leaves me with a small concern feeling

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