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D18/008 — First board meeting at Aikavaellus

Week 2, 2018
Turku, Finland

Writing this post let me realized that on some days I mainly have new experiences. It is difficult to describe a particular discovery, when  .  Instead I could make notice of all the things I MUST do and I haven’t done, for example: use social media.

As I want to fulfill my year of discoveries for this day I will report the board meeting at Aikavaellus.

Oh man!

It is going to be a BUSY 2018 !!!!

— cais

Europeade 2017 Turku

Week 30
Tuku, Finland

First some updates.  On May 19th I moved to Turku, but I haven’t been really here. My things have been. It is until last Sunday, 23.7.2017, were I “landed” in Turku, so adventures ahead….

While being in a new city, a habit I am building up is:  after work go to discover.
At the moment we are doing this discovering by biking, so far so good. :).
Btw, this habit should be well build up and permanent, it is amazing what one can find.

On Tuesday while returning back home, we hear someone testing a microphone on a street. It was loud for a Finnish context, this was a bit odd.  Also during this day we saw small stages and people dancing on them.

Rehersal at Europeade 2017

Rehersal at Europeade 2017

It was on  Wednesday,  after we saw a sign on a street about Europeade 2017 that we realized something was going on.  Then, I decided to stop at the tourist information office and I was informed about the Europeade 2017 schedule. We were just on time for the opening ceremony.

We biked to the main stage where the opening was programmed and surprise!  I saw the following regional dresses:

Germany / Austria at the Europeade

Germany / Austria at the Europeade

The official opening include over 300 dancers from Turku region, it was something special to watch. Here a small clip of it:

The event include individuals of ALL ages groups, and this is literal, from infants to grandpas.  All ages have a space in here.  As the commentator mentioned:

“More than 6000 dancers got together from 24 countries, and no matter their age, weight or wehre you come from. The most important thing is the spirit!”

Indeed one could feel a magical spirit. 🙂

Diversity of ages at the Europeade

Diversity of ages at the Europeade

Once the ceremony finalized, as you can imagine the dancing floor was open for EVERYBODY:

So what is Europeade?  Let me copy the following text from the Europeade’s website: We are committed to the preservation of our intangible heritage of regional folk culture, be it music, dance, song, or costume.  To reach this goal, we spend five days together sharing our dance and music with our friends and performing in the shows.

Next a summary of this rich experience!

— cais

importance of universities, i am inspire by the actual Mexican student movements

Week 20, 2012
Helsinki, Finland

When I read what is happening with the Mexican university students, it moves me.  For decades in Mexico we have been fighting for freedom and equality, or shall I say for centuries? That is a good question.

Nevertheless, this post focuses on our latest fight, which from my perspective started in 1968. University students from that time were fighting against the current government, which was some kind of dictatorship, we were ruled under the political party of the PRI.  During the time in which the PRI was in power, the seed of A LOT of the actual problems was sown as corruption, lack of education, drugs,…..

In October 2, 1968, the government committed a massacre, which until now has not been punished. The open wound is open in our society.

The general elections of 2000 had a massive participation and we finally changed of government. I am so happy I was able to vote in those elections. Since then we have 12 years with the PAN.

Now we have elections again. The context of this election is very challenging, I would say, and it is full of LIES.  Additionally, our educational system has been in decay, there is not media literacy in the country and the mass media does not want to inform objectively the society. In few words, the syndicate of teachers and the owners of the mass media have their own political agendas, which they are following carefully instead to serve the society. *sight*

In May 2012, the candidate of the PRI visited the University Iberoamericana – my alma matter btw –  and the students demonstrated their opposition towards the candidate. However after the visit the publicity of the candidate’s party  and the mass media did not acknowledge this event and modify it, diminish the students demonstration. Consequently, the university students react and published a video specifying that they were participants of the protest (video below).

Octavio Rodriguez Araujo wrote in his column the article entitle Los jovenes de ahora, mentioning that the actual generation we are defining as Ni-Ni because we perceive them as passive, conformist, apatic,  are actually showing us that in peace, they are demanding a change. For example, they are creating a movement towards impartial media.

Unquestionably, for the actual political movements that are taking place in México, as in other countries,  social networks are fundamental. The university students are putting their face, replying and questioning to politicians. They are expressing their truth and fighting for their rights. Unfortunately the Internet penetration in Mexico is low and very expensive. But things are advancing, somehow.

All these events reaffirm that Universities transpire life, they are generators of change and innovation. Universities have an important role in our societies.

Each one of us, as researchers, lecturers, teachers have an important commitment with our universities and with our youngsters. We shouldn’t transmit only collections of facts, instead supported by the subject matter of our expertise we should promote: critical thinking, questioning, search for evidence, tolerance,…. Each generation have to live what they have to live, but we have to offer them the tools for them to walk their own path!

social media and natural disasters

I am impressed of the power of social media. No for the technology itself, I confess. I am marveled of what human beings can do as soon as they have the access and the know how to use technology.

Today my personal use of social media is limited to these three areas:
1. Research (main topics within technology enhanced learning and games research)
2. Re-connecting with my past
3. Keep myself informed about some actual events

Maybe it sounds not much, those topics, but the amount of information is huge 🙂 But even with these few topics, I can be sure that a new culture is raising strongly, a culture sustain by e-habits independently of the physical location, we are connecting ideas and people.

What I like and attracts me of social media is: I have opportunity to listen individuals in more “personal” basis and with natural language. It is not the demagogic speech, or the news built up to sell. We are talking about real and natural people.

Just to share a bit of what I mean:

Feb. 2010: from Chile’s earthquake:

  • f3rq RT @fieritacatalano: RT @briascoi: RT @aschek: Si estás en Chile y tienes WiFi, abre acceso para q otros puedan com. con sus seres queridos #terremotochile half a minute ago from Tweetie

//Translation: “If you are in Chile and you have WiFi, open its access so that others can communicate with their love ones”

  • ovario RT @layoli2000: RT @MonikaMDQ: Hoy Twitter sirvió para algo útil. La cruz roja localizó familiares de las víctímas por medio del hastag #terremotochile less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck

// Translation: “Today Twitter was useful. The red cross was able to localized family of victims through the hastag…” //

  • helua RT @lasseweb20: Qué interesante ver que la información en Twitter y Ustream es 10 veces mejor y actual que lo de CNN #terremotochile

//Translation: “How interesting to see that the information from Twitter and Ustream is 10 times better and actual versus CNN “//

Jan 2010: Foreigners after the earthquake in Haiti:

  • RT @carelpedre It’s sad! It’s Been 4 days now and we’re begging for some water on twitter!about 7 hours ago from Twitterrific
  • RT @jacquiecharles: 80% of dwntwn PAP gone. ” irony of life is all of the prisoners are out & judges are buried…,” said Michele Montas.
  • RT @jacquiecharles: Just left a pregnant woman who’s baby is dead inside her after beam fell. Red cross says mom has 12hrs to live. #Haiti half a minute ago from TweetDeck
  • RT @JimCarrey: watching Haitians singing in street, destroyed me. we never get as close to each other as do in these terrible moments #Haiti
  • act7286 You know what pisses me off? Our government never does even half as much to help our own people as it’s doing now for #haiti half a minute ago from web
  • Who is planning for the survivors? Victims need to start registering their name and lost. Coordination and leadership is cruciAl. 20 minutes ago from Echofon
  • many emotions,anger grief, survivors guilt everywhere – why did I survive, why was my house the only one left standing about 21 hours ago from web

Jan 2010: Hatians raising their voice after earthquake in Haiti.

  • RT @Haiti2015: 3 sisters – Michaelle, Judith, Roselle Angrand are trapped at : #43 Ruelle Sylvia Avenue Pouplard call: 3554-7314 RT please
  • Why organizations feel the need to advertise themselves in this momen of crisis.Could everyone just serve without worrying about recognition
  • Who is in charge in Haiti? Yes, it is important to know. Last I check, Haitians should be allowed free passage in their own country.
  • @MissionMANNA seriously, some Haitian leadership with a Haitian long term plan. We need international assistance, not control.
  • Now they want to focus attention on insecurity, while million are still homeless and suffering. What a shame. Haitians wake up please. about 22 hours ago from Echofon
  • It is no time to lead with emotion. We need calm head to prevail, and sound plan to be implemented If not, all these efforts will be a waste 9:51 PM Jan 18th from web
  • What is the difference between humanitarian relief and a military invasion? Urgency! How long did it take to invade Bagdad? about 22 hours ago from Echofon
  • Ki altenatif “what’s the alternative?”We have to remain strong and build back up from the rubbles.The youth of Haiti are still its best hope

As my focus right now is to finalize my thesis I can’t put much time on this right now :(, unfortunately, but I will :). There is so much ideas and emotions, hopes and frustrations triggered by social media. there are lives and it just deserves my attention and a reflection, which I want to share.

To finalize a photo from the city of Conception, Chile by Astro_Soichi. He is a Japanese astronaut  in duty right now, and he has been sharing his photos on twitter. He is amazing!!!!

Concepcion, Chile. Photo taken from the space by Astro_Soichi few hours after the 8.3 earthquake

Photo source: twitpic Astro_Soichi