Happy Eastern Bookmarker

Week 16, 2019
Turku, Finland

This post started to be writen in Eastern.  During this time, some cultures have the Eastern eggs, which I confess it is not my tradition. Nevertheless, since I live in Finland, I start to related Eastern with the feeling that spring is really comming.  In this celebrations there is evidence of spring: the birds are singing and the colors are returning.

In this Eastern, I wanted to send an Eastern detail to some little ones that I know, and I wanted to do something with feathers. The difficult task here was to decide: what to do?  Then I found this idea that I slightly transformed in order to make some happy book markers. Here is the result of such effort:

Happy Eastern bookmakers

The final package, which I post to each child, included: the book maker and delicious Mignon (those are delicious chocolate-eggs from Fazer).

Hope everybody had a peaceful and wonderful Eastern,

– cais