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PS3 and Wii

My common sense finds surprises all the time. Just recently was the launch for Play Station 3 and Wii, with impatient shoppers as you can observe in the following pictures:

Japan waiting the launch of PS3
LA and NY the launch of Wii.

However, even that it was known that some of those individuals, which were waiting for a couple of days on the streets to get the product, would re-sale it later on. At least me, I didn’t have the slide idea of the size of the business. I mean to pay 9000 US for something that cost 600 US , let me speechless. Read the whole note here.

are we easy to get impress?

Jessica Mulligan told us at the workshop of Games and Storytelling that we, westerns, have no idea how is the gaming phenomenon in Asia. Unfortunately I can’t read any Asian languages, but little by little information has been filtering, as a great post from Henry Jenkins. And today I remember her words so thoughtful. An example of what she meant: in this side of the planet, western, people make a big noise because WoW has 6 million players register, as it can be noticed the excitement about this number in Aula 2006 with Joichi Ito and he is not the only one, a diversity of media highlight this fact. And this is a game played mainly in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe (which means several countries right?!).

Now, on the other side of the planet, in east: only in China, and only in one of their local virtual worlds (they have several of course) they present 25 million players registered . Interesting right?! And still I haven’t been able to see numbers of players in Korea or Japan, other leaders countries in playing. With this I only want to mention, we have just NO idea of what it is happening.

For those who want to know a bit about the impact in real life of this Virtual Worlds, at least an example in China, I openly recommend to read the previous mentioned post from Henry Jenkis.