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in love with research

Writing this post, I feel as to trying to talk with normal people and looking for indirect advice while recognizing my own addiction, oh my!

Why I am saying this, well, each time I am more in love and addict to my own research, can you believed that? Each time I confirm that I do not know anything, even that I keep on digging, reading and so on, I realized I need to do it more and more, and try to digest it and think about it and keep on goinig. Hopefully this honeymoon stays between me and, you know, my research for a long time.

And do not think that everything has been colorful in this “relationship”. For example I still can’t successfully delivered a formal, solid and scientific research proposal, hummmmmm, well actually it has been my fault and it has been for different reasons, but presenting some evolution (hopefully!). At least now it seems I am in the correct track. However, with this link that Matti offered to us, I can realized that I am in the process. Then one day I will succeed in this proposal goal, hopefully! And then fight with the next steps. But in the mid-time, enjoy!!!

Then, besides to read different sources of articles and trying to put the pieces together of this puzzle, and playing here and there, I just have fun, I admit that openly. Ok, I also have some headaches, and painful moments, but life is balance, right?!

And actually I am thinking to make a blog just for Second Life…. But well step by step. In the mid-time, for some of you that are not playing, but are curious to listen some of the real life happenings that come out as a consequence from SecondLife, here are funny things to watch after their annual gathering (I look to insert videos).

– Regarding the Second Life gathering in general please click here
– About the “sex” future features, develop by players in Second Life click in here
– About “Life” Rocks concerts in Second Life, click in here . Actually, after being a sister of one big fan of U2, I enjoy a lot to see the video of U2 avantars, relating with memories of real life.
– and I will report more to you guys!

jeees! I really can’t believed what it is happening in here!!!! Or out there?!



are we easy to get impress?

Jessica Mulligan told us at the workshop of Games and Storytelling that we, westerns, have no idea how is the gaming phenomenon in Asia. Unfortunately I can’t read any Asian languages, but little by little information has been filtering, as a great post from Henry Jenkins. And today I remember her words so thoughtful. An example of what she meant: in this side of the planet, western, people make a big noise because WoW has 6 million players register, as it can be noticed the excitement about this number in Aula 2006 with Joichi Ito and he is not the only one, a diversity of media highlight this fact. And this is a game played mainly in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe (which means several countries right?!).

Now, on the other side of the planet, in east: only in China, and only in one of their local virtual worlds (they have several of course) they present 25 million players registered . Interesting right?! And still I haven’t been able to see numbers of players in Korea or Japan, other leaders countries in playing. With this I only want to mention, we have just NO idea of what it is happening.

For those who want to know a bit about the impact in real life of this Virtual Worlds, at least an example in China, I openly recommend to read the previous mentioned post from Henry Jenkis.

are we all kids?

From the Aula 2006 Joichi Ito talked about World of Warcraft. It called my attention how persistently he mentioned that the players in WoW are Kids.

I agree that ALL of us have a child inside, even that I do not think he really means that. Or I start to wonder about the age range in the term of kids. Because it is known that several of the players in Virtual Worlds are in there twenties and thirties. Well actually it is said that there are CEO’s that get in the game to play with their contra parts instead to play golf. But I shouldn’t go so far, I haven’t read about that. However, he said that he plays together with some of his friends and colleges (and for me he is not a kid). Then it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop thinking that these types of games are only of kids?!

Thank you for the link Andres! And yes, VW, will be sound more and more each time.

Reseach in VW (virtual worlds)

Time has been flying so fast, even with the longer days. And it exits several “facts” that had happened and that I would like to share with you. But I will leave a FIFO system for publish purposes. In other words, step by step.

Recalling of what I mentioned earlier, regarding that I wouldn’t get surprised if it starts to be studies and research into virtual worlds. Well, be careful what you write, because I fall back dazzled when I saw the presentation of Dimitri Williams in connection of my own words few days earlier.

The study that he presented was IN WoW into the USA. I share you some of the Method that was used (you can see the picture). There were interesting comments! But still, I can’t believed it!