reminder…. to back up OFTEN!

Week 2, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

Last year  Manzanita, my lovely macbook-pro that has been with me since 2005,  in March 2011 its graphic card colapsed. To fixe it I needed a new motherboard (where the graphic card is attached). Other option was to get a new machine.  I went for the second option because Manzanita was already 6 years old, deserving a time to be retired.

Then came Sr. (now my second macbook-pro) which has been working ok. I still miss Manzanita somehow, but adapting to Sr. Suddenly, yesterday Sr’s hard-drive collapse!  🙁 After doing all what we could do to make Sr’s HD to react, now I declare that Sr must go to a Mac Service Center *sight*. That is Jyväskylä, the closest Mac Service center from Joensuu (no comments!).

*sight* It feels so strange to lose so soon my working tool. I still miss Manzanita, which was problem free for over 5 years. Now Sr, an intel machine, got its first headache a bit faster.

I am lucky because with Manzanita I learned to backup. I have backup my data up to Dec. 14th. However, the last things I have done, are not properly saved…. we will see what is the result of this adventure.

Lesson learned:

  1.  It is good to backup.
  2. It is even better to back-up often!


Photos no available at the moment, in order to respect the machine that is being lend to me for the following hours…. *sight*




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