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Week 1, 2012
München, Germany

2011 was INCREDIBLE INTENSE. Posting was literally no possible.

For me the whole year 2011 was a roller coaster of emotions. It is taking me sometime to process all what has happened. These lines are not a personal complain of the events, instead I want to express my awareness that I am alive, I am walking my path and I am thankful for everything.


2011's flash backs

2011's flash backs

When one lives, one is exposed to transformation. Sometimes changes are intense, specially if one does not want them. However, those special hard changes help us to realize that only moments are eternal, everything else is ephemeral. Consequently, we should be VERY aware on how to live each one of our moments, that is how we walk our path, because time will pass by and time will never comeback.





Summarizing, between 2010 and 2011 all my energy was completely suck out. I did my best, and I was blessed to be surrounded by outstanding people. In spite of all the good things, at the end of 2011 I was literally OUT.  However, as the phoenix we should rise from the ashes! So, here it goes 😉  the plan is:

1. Re-connect with myself
~ it means to have internal peace and energy emerging from within. Let my dreams and creative ideas to get strength again

2. Live intense each moment
~   it is clear this point, right? Share and smile MUCH MORE

3. Grow up
~  this point targets to work, business and income 😉  I will clarify in detail this point in a later post.

4. Discipline!
~I need much of it! To achieve 1,2 and 3.


And our 2012’s motto is:  Take the bull by the horns!   🙂  I took it seriously Papá!


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