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Even that I am not into first shooter games, I disagree and do not understand when people blame to the  “violent” video games the killing incidents carried on by youngsters. Since I remember, games of guns and knifes which objective is to kill the adversary  have existed. Those games are not new. Hence, wondering why each time a young kid shoots and kills humans (e.g. Finland, German, USA, etc.), the following comment never fails: “ban the violent video games“.


Why I never hear the following kind of comments:

a) It is needed that parents spend more time playing with their own kids instead to leave the responsibility to the digital technology to educate them.

b) Media stop transmitting those incredible amounts of yellow news. Acually I should take a record of the images that show:  dead, wars, hunger, organized crime, etc. If I recall properly, still some years ago you read about all these. Today you see the photos and videos of all those bodies. Who can live relax if constantly we are bombed with that information. Even the “scary” movies, constantly leave less things to the imagination.

c) Society, please race your voice of the good things that are happening around. There should be something !!!!


In each one of the cases the youngsters, as far as I have understood, who had committed such crimes, had communicated in some way their feelings of a world that has no sense anymore for them. Without a doubt THAT is something to put us to think and I would believe it goes beyond video games.



is this game allowed?

is this game allowed?



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