discovering the world as a child

Lately I am conciently subscribing to the “slow movement ”, like slow food  or slow schooling. I might be getting old. But after any “crisis” one can realize the richness of time. I want to use my time as wisely as I can while living intense. Today for me that implies stop stressing only in the rush, and give time to the time. (no an easy thing to do for my persona)

People, individuals need time to process things, even to sense our environment requires time. Or at least I require time.   I agree that some actions can be performed fast.  However, our reflections might require its own time, what we need to put on it is discipline. Discipline shouldn’t wait for example, is from the habits that should be present as early as possible!. As it will help us to enjoy even further, and keep on moving, specially in difficult moments.

Discovery is one of our innate characteristics. However as older I get, I realized that the idea or feeling or “rushing” emphasis on the “control” of the outcomes instead of the process and experience. Hence, this rushing that emphasis in the control of the outcomes actually constrains the living experience. No wonder our planet is in such a crisis!

The point of my post is the wish to promote a discovering of any experience in a most natural level, just discover it. Allow oneself to be “bewitched” by the “new” experience before we even try to catalogue or say something about it. In few words: first LIVE IT in its purest form! without an work-on-process conclusion.  As when we just come to this planet, as a new born do. Just later, when the time is proper, the same discovering experience will transform in reflection that will connect with other experiences, but as a second step. That implies to surrender to our thirst of “control” of the situation. I know THAT is hard stuff!

 To discover in such levels requires to do not be stressed. Just give the time. Time that our “modern western society” might not want to offer, but it is up to us how we want to take the time to live our lives in the way we want to. At the end, who is in control?  I know this question is the most difficult one to answer, but part of the ride!

My utopia would be that after one had experienced something, a book, a trip, a game, etc. One could say and feel that  it is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new day in one’s life.

View of the frozen lake from Noljakka, Joensuu. It takes time to have such a wonder.

View of the frozen lake from Noljakka, Joensuu. It takes time to have such a wonder.




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